Here we are at another Titus 2 Tuesday! It is easy to join in-just answer the question below:

What have learned from another woman this week? (or ever)

This is an opportunity to honor women in your life and to share wonderful tips and lessons with all of us! We can learn so much from each other!

Years ago, before we had our children, I miscarried our first baby. My heart was broken. I received cards and phone calls from friends and family and people from church, but my heart was broken. People say all the right things, but nothing touched that deep ache.

One day, there was a knock on the door, and I heard Mike talking to someone, and my only thought was: “Make them go away” but instead of hearing him say goodbye to them and usher them out the door, I hear the voices getting louder! Great, whoever it was, is coming down the HALL! I am lying in my bed in my pajamas, tissues littering the bed and the floor, no make up, and I can’t stop crying, whoever it is, just “MAKE THEM GO AWAY!”

In walks our Pastor’s wife, Cherry Shupp, whom I adored. I didn’t have time to be mortified and secretly plot my husband’s painful death, she said nothing, she walked to the other side of the bed and just CLIMBED IN.

I don’t know how long I lay there with her and just bawled my eyes out, but it was dark by the time she left. She didn’t say a word, nothing needed to be said, all I needed was someone to be there with me and let me cry, and she did just that.

She taught me a lot about being a friend, it’s more than just the good times, more than listening to the frustrations of being a wife or a mom, it’s being there in the DEEP dark times when there are no words, only raw emotion…..it’s about crawling into the bed and just holding them when they can’t find the strength to come out.

Do you have a Titus 2 woman? Please check out Shanda’s blog. We need to appreciate and acknowledge the ones that are there for us….our Titus 2 ladies.