Today’s Thankful Thursday theme is LOVE….awwwww….

That’s easy….

I am thankful for my Handsome Honey, who loves me inspite of myself. I love that we ENJOY each others company and have fun together. I love that he understands me (at least some of the time). 😉 I love that he is FAITHFUL and TRUSTWORTHY. And I dearly LOVE that he is the BEST Dad out there. He loves his children and he loves being with them. He is a great example to them and he parents with love.

I am thankful for the LOVE of a Mother. My Momma is wonderful and she loves unconditionally. I am the mother I am today because of her. She has always been an amazing example of what a Mom and a Wife should be!

I am thankful for the LOVE of my children….the squishy, sloppy hugs from Brooklyn, the sweet hugs and love notes from Chandler, and the surprise hugs and easy conversations with Austin. Even when I’m a mess and a grump, my dear kids love me. I should buy them ice cream. 😉

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Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth