I LOVE editing photos! And with Fix it Friday, it’s all in how the editor (ME) chooses to view the photo. And today I did a little more EXTREME editing that I kinda dig.

Note to I heart Faces, if we could use a BIGGER photo than these little tiny postage stamp sized photos, it’s a WHOLE lot easier to edit! Not so much distortion either.

Original photo (not mine)


Just the exposure issues ALONE can be scary!

#1: just run of the mill editing job: cleared the skin, softened the skin, boost the colors, levels and bumped the contrast.


#2 70s action, because that’s just fun. I thought it was still dark, so I bumped the levels and contrast


#3 Vintage because someone else did it, and I really liked it! 😀


#4 B&W with major levels and contrast boost just because I wanted to. 😛


And the last one #5, and may very well be my favorite just because it IS different: Sepia tone with MAJOR bump in contrast and levels:


I’ve learned, that if the photo is for ME I want to edit it to please ME. If it’s for a “client”, then I’ll edit to please them. 😉

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.