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Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Oh this has BEEN a week, I’ll tell you…

And to start, yesterday was NOT our 17th Wedding Anniversary, and I did NOT take the opportunity several times during the day to smile and wink at my handsome honey. NOT during church either….I wouldn’t ever do that….I am a demure lady.

On our BIG night out, where we actually had a SITTER and could get out ALONE, with NO children, we did NOT end the date at Lowe’s home improvement store. How UNromantic is that. And if we DID, rest assured it was NOT my idea at all. I was NOT all excited to have the money opportunity to finally buy the stuff for me faux backdrop.

And while we were NOT at Lowe’s, I did NOT kiss 2 different men on our Big 17th wedding anniversary Date. Never. If I did HAPPEN to do that, which I DIDN’T, I never would have told my handsome honey about it either. There’s something terribly WRONG about that….

(can I explain really fast though? I was looking at these slabs of wood flooring for my faux background, and it was fast getting more and more expensive to do this background thing, and I was getting so frustrated with the prices on stuff when all I needed was a PIECE of flooring, not the whole 900 feet of it for a LIVING ROOM….just a piece…so when the sales guy showed me the EXACT thing I needed in the exact PERFECT SIZE I needed, and then told me they were SCRAPS and they’d be FREE…..I may have squealed and grabbed his head and kissed his forehead. Maybe. And then the old man that helped me cut the wall trim I needed, when it wasn’t even HIS department, he just felt so sorry for me looking all confused at all the trims for floors and walls and ceilings and I have NO idea what I’m doing….well, when he saw me kiss the other guy’s forehead, he said it wasn’t fair, so I had to kiss his cheek. Yeah….totally not appropriate. Shame….shame on me…..)

WOW….how do you NOT top that mess of massive run-on sentences and horrible, un-lady-like behavior?? LOL

I guess, share the rest… πŸ˜€

I did NOT go into my first tattoo parlor on our Anniversary! Didn’t do it….and if I DID I would not have contemplated getting a tattoo after Mike wanted one, and then I saw my Mom’s tattoo that she surprised me with. I am NOT easily influenced to do stupid stuff like tattoos. pshhhh….not at all….

…but, rest assured, my lovely Temple of the Holy Spirit…remains, unmarred.

(I couldn’t possibly think of ONE place on my body that would look good enough to have a tattoo on it. πŸ˜‰ )

And ya know….I think I’ll end this monstrosity here…there may be an outbreak of upset stomach after coming here. πŸ˜‰ But please, check out MckMama’s blog for other sweet, demure, lady-like women…maybe they’ll do better than I did this week! HAAAAAAAAAA


BUT, on a totally unrelated subject, I did want to share something with you guys.

Jeff, our Youth minister at church (kind of my “boss”…blog over there under “The Aquila Project”) sent me a link this week to the coolest site I’ve ever seen:

The Digital Trekker

Just that first line on his page moved me in such a way, I cried:

“Most people see the dirty face of a hopeless child, I see a glimpse of the Creator Himself.”

This was what my heart (and I suspect the Holy Spirit) has been trying to show me for a long time. I know it’s strange, but I want to do Missions photography!

I can’t really explain my emotions when I saw that page….but all I could do was cry. A lot. Mike thought I had crazy….uhh…crazier.

In taking this Experiencing God class, I’m learning what it means to be God-centered and self-centered. Let’s face it, MOST of us lead self-centered lives, in almost all aspects of our lives, I’m a big enough girl to admit it. Even things that we do at church, or “for” Christ, we are still doing them in a self-centered manner.

And in thinking of this later that night, I couldn’t quite figure out why in the world I would want to go to FOREIGN countries, where it’s scary, to photograph in hot, dirty, smelly environments. I like my air conditioning, I like my hot shower, I like my clean. Faith week every year is DIFFICULT for me because it’s: HOT, DIRTY, SMELLY, and there are a lot of BUGS. All the makings of a miserable Dana. So, with my natural eyes, why would I want to put myself in the SAME environment, magnified 100 times, in another COUNTRY? That’s stupid, and I’ve lost my mind.

But in my ever-growing desire to be God-centered, my heart aches with the prospect of doing that. There is excitement there I cannot even explain. My prayer has been for the SUPER-natural, and God is showing me what that could mean.

I have no idea what this all means, or will bring about for me or my family in general, but it’s exciting. I encourage total and complete saturation in God’s word, and the elimination of stupid, worldly distractions. It’s life changing!