I love a blog carnival that reminds us to be thankful in all things. We may not always feel it, but we need to always remind ourselves that we ARE blessed, so be grateful to our Heavenly Father for it. So please check out Iris’ blog.

This week’s theme is the Basics. And not the brand of clothing.

I have been reminded a few times over the last few weeks of just how blessed we are. It seems like we get busy and we forget.

–I have FOOD! Taking on the extra child, although it does make me crazy, and he IS a very busy young man who ate my mascara, having that little extra bit of income has allowed me to buy more and BETTER food! I don’t have to buy junk or cheap food because that’s what we can afford. I am able to buy those healthier snacks for the boys for after school. I am able to buy the healthier meals to help us lose that weight we have picked up over the years. I was putting groceries away the other day, and I just stood in amazement at our pantry: full. Then my fridge: full. And now I’m working on our freezer. I know that sounds silly, but when you live paycheck to paycheck, a full house of healthy food is a BIG deal! And those nights, if someone drops in for dinner, I don’t have that sudden panic of “OMGosh, I can’t feed them….I have just enough food for my family….”. God has provided.

–I am appreciative of the extras that we are able to have: internet, satellite tv, 2 cars, meals out on Sundays (Oh I do NOT take those for granted either!), new shoes if someone needed them, and twice a year…..new Gymboree. πŸ˜‰ Because I remember a time when those WERE luxuries that could not be afforded. God has provided.

–I always think of Jeff’s ministry and the things he sees and experiences in Cambodia (or wherever God sends them). He came home from the last one with photos of an orphanage there and the photos made me cry. 😦 Children bathing in a fish pond, but they are grateful for fish living in that pond for food and income. Dirt floors but they are grateful for a home with a floor at all. Crude wood bunkbeds with no mattresses, but they are grateful to be off the ground. Children with dirty faces and no homes, but they are happy! (Check out the link above for The Aquila Project, it will humble you!) When you see people living in places like that, you appreciate everything you have!

–And the week after our 17th wedding anniversary, I am grateful for a dear husband. It seems like we are reminded all the time to be thankful for each other because there are so many marriages hurting and suffering around us. Abuse, fighting, affairs, selfishness, parasites, divorce, blended families….it’s a reminder to be grateful for a husband that loves me! We may not always be happy with each other, but the love doesn’t end, the friendship doesn’t end. He may not agree with me over everything, but he’ll come around, I’m sure. πŸ˜‰ I am grateful for him: he provides, he’s kind, he’s generous, he’s loving, he’s a great Dad to our kids, he gets up early to do his devotion, then spends every break time at work reading his Bible, then ends the day reading it again, he’s a GOOD man. I am not afraid of him, and that speaks volumes.

This week, find a time to be able to sit down and thank the Lord for the basic things you have in your life. If you have a home, or food, you’re doing better than half the planet. Thank God Almighty for it.