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Oh how I LOVE to edit photos…however, today I woke up with an awful migraine, and mine affect my vision, so I didn’t get to play as much today. 😦 I just did some basic stuff and called it good.

Original photo:


I have to say, this little girl is just absolutely adorable! I’m UBER jealous! So sweet! I love the focus on the eyes, love the yummy bokeh behind her. I think the f/stop was pretty wide open which made for a softer face, but sharp eyes that draw the attention.

This photo is NOT mine, so I cannot take credit for the cuteness. 😉 I can only play with the photo.

Basic edit, cooled down the colors a bit, maybe too cool…


70’s action that I adore:


Heartland vintage action, bumped the levels though to make a better contrast between light and dark:


And probably my favorite because I love the crop better, black and white with slight sepia added for warmth:


Wish I felt better…doggonit. Migraines suck. Make sure to check out I heart faces (click on their fix it Friday button), I LOVE their site!