Love my church….have I said that lately? Not this week at least. 😉 But I do, I love my church, I love it’s focus on growing it’s members in Christ, but also giving them an outwardly direction to focus towards DOING God’s will, not just proclaiming it.

Yesterday in the service, Gordon called on us as a church to fast and to pray. Fast in however we can, and to make a concerted effort to PRAY. We are to fall on our faces before God and seek His direction. Whatever time we would be using in a certain activity that now we are giving up, we are to use that time to pray, whether it’s from a meal, from tv, from the computer, etc, but we are to draw close to God and ask Him for guidance.

We as a church need it, we as a community need it, and we as a NATION desperately need it.

I have fasted from my MUCH beloved Pepsi. I realize it is probably the wienie way out, as obviously I’m not fasting from food like Mike and our church leaders are doing, but for me it was something BIG. I love my Pepsi. So for the next 3 days, instead of getting up early and going to my favorite convenience store for an ice cold Pepsi, I spent it in God’s word.

We are also fasting from TV as a family for the next 3 days. So the time I would have been spent watching Desperate Housewives or the Beauty and the Beast marathon they have going on right now, I spent 45 minutes on my face in prayer. Today’s focus was the church, our people, and our community. But the main focus was the church.

I want us a church family to grow in Christ. I want our members to be strong in faith and strong in relationship with Him. I want us as a church body to have a hunger for God’s word and a desire to be obedient to Him in every way. I want us to grow not only spiritually, but also numerically because of our fire for Christ. I want our community to return to God and seek Him out desperately. I want our church leaders to gain wisdom and knowledge through the Holy Spirit.

Gosh, I could go on and on. I just didn’t feel like doing a Not Me Monday today. I just didn’t feel it was right today. Today, instead I will be reading a lot from my Bible, and praying often.

I just feel a little different today….happy Monday anyway!