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I’ve been following this blog for awhile now, about a little girl not much older than my Brooklyn who has an aggressive form of Leukemia. Abby is in and out of the hospital all the time and is in a great deal of pain. How they find the strength to endure, I have no idea. It can only come from God.

So last week, I sent Abby’s mom, Michelle, some verses written on notecards to put up around her hospital room, or in her Bible, or stuck on the mirror in the bathroom.

As I was sitting at my kitchen table during naptime writing them in the quiet, I was joined by Brooklyn who wanted to know what I was doing. I reminded her of Abby that we have been praying for, the one that plays Pirate, or dances with her brother and sister with shaving cream on her face when she’s feeling better.

Without a word, she grabs a stack of notecards and a pen and sits down next to me and starts writing. When I asked her what she was doing, she simply replied: “Writing berses for Abby too.”


I love the serious concentration on her face as she’s writing her “curfise like Bubby’s”. (Bubby is Chandler who was trying to teach her CURSIVE until he realized she can’t even write in PRINT yet.)


When she was done with one, she’d switch cards and start over again. We prayed over our cards and mailed them to Abby’s family.

But the prayers from an innocent child for another innocent child was the most precious thing imaginable. She’s never met Abby except through their blog I stalk follow. And it doesn’t seem to matter, to Brooklyn she’s just as real because Abby likes to play and sing and dance just as much as she does, and that’s all she cares about.

So this week, please remember to pray for Abby. I cannot imagine the pain she is in and the pain her parents are in going through this with her.

They also publish an online magazine that I happen to have had a little article published in! It’s on page 120 I think, about a little boy named Fred. They’ve also added my blog to their directory which is pretty cool!

The subscription is FREE and the information is amazing!

So, while you are praying for this wonderful family I’ll one day get up to Oklahoma City to really stalk I enjoy following so much, check out their FREE magazine! It is so worth it! All the photos of either Abby, their magazine, or Abby’s prayer button are linked to their website. Cuz I’m there for ya….