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So, coolest thing happened yesterday….

OK, it didn’t start OUT cool…but God loves me, so, you know, it ended up cool.

Last week, I found out one of my kids was leaving because his parents had a scheduling conflict and wouldn’t be able to get him picked up before I closed for the day, so they had to find a new sitter. That’s 1/3 of my grocery bill (and any extra money) now gone.

Not gonna worry, God will provide.

Then yesterday morning, I find out, one of the fosterbabies will be leaving and her last day will be this Friday. That’s another 1/3rd of my grocery bill….let’s do some quick math…that’s 2/3rds of my gas and grocery money now gone…..

Now, I’m starting to worry….OK, that worry is quickly turning into a large lump of stress sitting directly in my neck (where’s April…I may need her….).

Not gonna worry….not gonna stress….gonna sit here during naptime and freak out pray my heart out. Prayer changes things, I know this. Not gonna freak out worry.

I sit down first to read my Bible and part of the reading was in Psalms 50:

I don’t need the bulls you sacrifice, I don’t need the blood of goats. What I want instead is your TRUE THANKS TO GOD; I want you to FULFILL YOUR VOWS TO THE MOST HIGH. Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give Me glory.”

I just needed that! Of all days, I needed THAT days reading! Yes, I was behind in my reading, I was on March 7th when I should have been on March 10th, but God knew I needed THOSE verses for my little freak out moment.

So I start having my prayer time. Lord, I trust You. Above all else, I do trust You. If it’s another child, I’ll do it. If it’s something else, I’ll do it. I trust You as my Provider…..

Phone rings.

A lady in a neighboring town I do not know, found my website and is interested in ME doing her daughter’s senior pictures!

Now, up til this point, I have always charged HALF of what my website says because most of the people I photograph are friends and family. I’m not official yet in my photography, I keep telling myself. I’m not on a professionals level yet, I keep telling myself, so I’ll only charge everyone half. I pretty much have to beg people to let me photograph them anyway….I’ll only charge half….

However, I realized yesterday while I was talking to this lady on the phone, SHE found ME. SHE searched for photographers in our area and liked what SHE saw. Not to mention that my prices are up on the website as what I will be ONE DAY , ya know, when I’m officially professional. My friends and family all know the prices are half of what the website says, this lady does not know this…meaning, she is perfectly alright with these prices.

Pick myself up off the floor.

In the middle of my prayer, OK, not even in the middle of it because I had just started to pray! I hadn’t even got my mojo going…I had just started! So when I realized that the words had barely come out of my mouth that I WILL trust God, and remain obedient to what He says….He was already answering it! And not in the way I had imagined! I am not confident in my photography yet! I am still afraid of failure and someone smacking me in the head because I didn’t ‘do it right’. I’m not on the level the ladies, my mentors, in my group are. (Oh yes, these ladies are amazing, when you have a minute, check out here and here and here .)

But God answered my prayer before I had even gotten my full sentence out.

I will NOT freak out. I will NOT worry. The God that I love, that I strive to please and spend time with, I read His Word….my God hears me and rushes to answer before I even have part of my prayer out. Within about 2 weeks, about the time that I will no longer be paid for the 2 children that have left or are leaving and my grocery bill will start suffering greatly, I will have money from a Senior portrait session.

I don’t know why He answered me so fast. Me, when there are so many other people out there suffering with lost jobs or incomes or financial issues….I don’t know. I only know that I am trying to be obedient in all things. I have made the effort to DAILY read the Bible, even when I cannot get the entire days’ reading completed, only part of it, I am making the effort. I am making the effort to talk with Him daily and improve myself for His glory. I’m trying. I’m daily asking to experience God in a way I never have. And, I don’t know why, but He’s answering me.

And I find that to be the COOLEST thing. ( Alexis, I thought you’d like this after our conversation yesterday. Thanks for praying too!) 😀