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Let me preface this with I DON’T LIKE TO COOK. I AM NOT GOOD AT IT. I DO NOT always ENJOY IT!

This being said, and you being duly warned, here is my chicken recipe. And one of the few things I can do without killing people.

Ya take some chicken, I use chicken thighs because our economy sucks and they are cheap. I use the ones with the bones because it makes for better broth. But I also add 2-3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts because I like white meat. I cook them together at the same time because the boned-thighs give the chicken boobs a great flavor.

I guess I should list the ingredients first, shows you how much I cook real food not from a box….

Chicken (enough for your family)
celery (optional)
onion (optional)
egg noodles (or rice, but I haven’t done it)
mixed vegetables (optional)
chicken broth (I always add some for added flavor, you don’t have to)
salt and pepper to taste (not optional, ya really need it)

Cook the chicken in a big pot of water until the chicken is DONE and falling off the bone. You can do this in the crockpot while you are at work too. My crockpot, however, is broken because a certain husband, who will remain nameless, dropped it and broke it. Now I don’t have one. Add one or 2 stalks of chopped celery and half an onion (to taste, whatever you like) to the pot and continue cooking. When the chicken is cooked through, take it out and debone it (unless you can afford the boneless chicken, then YAY for you). While you are deboning chicken, add the mixed vegetables and broth. Return the chicken to the pot and add the noodles when the broth comes to a slow boil. Cook til the noodles are done, and eat.

I salt and pepper as the chicken is cooking. You can also add chicken boullion cubes or granules for added flavor if you want. I’ve done it both ways, and I prefer adding the extra flavor. I add maybe 3-4 cubes to a BIG pot.

If you try the recipe and it sucks, sorry. I’m not a good cook. 😉

But, check out Heidi’s blog for people who can actually cook. I’m only doing this so I can learn to cook. 😉