This was my week…I’ll sum up:

Chandler had his FIRST play! YAY! Austin always hated them and hid in the back. He was in a Christmas play in the 4th grade and REFUSED to wear an elf costume. He wore the hat, but was the only elf wearing a black tshirt and jeans instead of the Christmas attire he was supposed to wear. Nice.

Chandler on the other hand, was not shy. At all. He loved it and hammed it up for the camera!




Well I tried to add a video of him dancing, but I can’t. Too bad too, because he was a riot! LOL


I discovered Prop Insanity this week as well. I am a new photographer (I have to start calling myself that or I’ll never make it. Gotta LOSE my fear!) so I’m just starting out with a lot of this stuff and learning a LOT about props and this web page was exactly what I needed!

Last week, I found THIS lovely gem, not sure what it is SUPPOSED to be, but for my purposes, it will be holding a beautifully swaddled newborn.


See? This is my “lovely” model, Brooklyn’s MUCH beloved Ghetto Baby. If she has a name, we are unaware of it because we just call her Ghetto Baby. Brooklyn adores her….as you can see.

But since I didn’t have a real baby to stick in there to demonstrate, I just stuck Ghetto Baby in there. The fruit bowl (I’m guessing) only cost me $12 at TJ Maxx! YAY!


And then last night, I found this TREASURE at Ross for $8!! I am SO UBER excited about it!! It looks like a vintage suitcase with silver hardware. It’s the PERFECT size for a new baby boy! WOOHOO!



Now, I need some newborns…I’m desperate.


Did some practicing with my faux background as well. I still have some kinks to iron out, but I LOVE how it turned out for the most part.



And my FAVORITE….and will be entered in the iHeartfaces contest one of these weeks:


Love that photo. Love my new camera. Love my new lens.


Lastly, I stalk follow a blog by a remarkable lady that makes me laugh so hard, Rachel, from Once Upon a Miracle is doing a giveaway for her 300th post! But, don’t go there. No really. Don’t enter it. They aren’t totally adorable magnets you’ll win…..I’m sure you won’t want them at all, so don’t go there and enter the contest because then I’ll have LESS of a chance of winning! LOL 😉 And I really really want those darn things! I enter all these contests and NEVER win, doggonit, so you can stalk follow her too, but I wanna win the magnets. 😉

And I guess this will have to be it because there is a line forming behind me for the computer. Darn it. They’re like leeches….