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WOOHOOO! It’s that time again, and I’m EXCITED! I LOVE natural light! It was the HARDEST thing for me to learn, but the MOST rewarding for sure! Once you master exposure, especially that yummy natural light, the rest is allllllll downhill! I’m still working on mastering it….but I’m trying!

This weeks entry is my 3 year old taken in the front entry way of my living room. I opened up that front door and let the yummy morning light stream in! PERFECT for natural light portraits! My entry is small and usually always a mess with toys and kids, but you’d be surprised what gorgeous-ness you can take in the oddest of places!


And it was not easy finding photos using natural light of ADULTS! When I usually practice on adults, I’m OUTSIDE with them! So finding some indoor ones was not easy. But I kept coming back to the photo of my Dad I took one holiday last year. Again, taken inside my entryway. I’m sure he thought I was nuts when I asked him to stop right there while I take a photo! LOL But it’s probably easily my FAVORITE one of just him. Love you, Daddy!


Thank you, iHeartfaces, for starting this CRAZE we are ALL obsessed with! Click on one of the above photos and begin your obsession!

EDITED TO ADD STUPIDITY: for some reason, I assumed NO FLASH meant NATURAL LIGHT, meaning indoor photos with no flash. …..hehehehehe…..I feel dumb…..so I could have used outdoor photos shot with NO flash….but aren’t MOST photos taken outdoors with no flash? Sorry for my confusion! It happens often….my family’s used to it…. ๐Ÿ˜‰