Well, I took some time off. Not for any REASON, I just did. I was concentrating on some things around the house, and trying to catch up on a few things. I had some sewing that needed done, especially, and some house cleaning. I was sick, then Brooklyn had strep. FUN FUN.


So I’ll try to sum up a little of what’s been going on.

Monday, during my prayer time, I had a little mini-meltdown with God. I wasn’t angry, just trying not to worry about bills and finances. We are FINE, but there are things that I can’t get done because of the expense, and one of those was Austin’s glasses. I have suspected for a long time that he needs glasses, however, that costs money….extra money I never seem to have. And I bought the new camera, and then felt horribly guilty I did that over taking him into the eye doctor. My head tells me I did the right thing, but my heart tells me I’m a horrible parent, my son needed glasses, and I get a new camera….

So, Monday I am confessing what my head and my heart are battling with, Austin needs glasses, Lord, and I don’t know what to do….

A few hours later, I get a phone call from a lady who wants me to photograph her wedding. Here’s a little how the conversation went:

Her: I want you to do my wedding.

Me: Oh I’m so sorry, I don’t DO weddings.

Her: Oh. Well, will you do mine?

Me: No, no, I’ve never done a wedding, I’m not qualified to do them, call around, there are some wonderful wedding photographers out there, but I can’t do it.

Her: OK, but our budget is very small, and most people won’t do it for what we can pay.

Conversation ends and I think, over with.

Later that evening, she calls me back and says she can’t find ANYONE else who can do it within their budget, will I consider doing it.

Oh, and did I mention, their wedding is in 6 days? As in, 6 days from the PHONE CALL. And guess what?

I did it.


(Her toe ring had little blue stones in it for her Something Blue. We thought that was a HOOT, so I took a photo of it.) 😀


(Her dad getting ready to hand his daughter off to her new husband)

I haven’t edited a lot, (in fact, I took 450 shots yesterday, almost double the amount of prints than the MONEY I was paid! HAHAHA) but these were a couple that I had done that were just fun or just too sweet to miss. I am NOT a wedding photographer. I still do not think I am qualified to do them. But, I did THIS one. The family was amazing. They were warm and loving and included ME in all of their stuff.

And yesterday, when I was finished and most of the people had left, the Bride hugged me and said, “I knew it had to be you.”


And the other realization….their very small budget for photography for their special day, gave me JUST enough money to take Austin to the eye doctor and buy him a pair of glasses. And I was able to pay my sweet friend for helping me. And it covered the cost of their prints.

So, God supplied the money for this appt. He goes next Tues to have his exam, and then we will go shop for inexpensive glasses for him.

THUD. Does that not just BLOW YOUR MIND?? Seriously? I am on the floor….

Then Thursday, I had my senior portraits from the other GOD MOMENT from the week before. I don’t know this lady, she found my website and loved my photos.



I did NOT fail! I went into it with a contingency plan, a plan “JUST IN CASE” I screwed it up. This is what I’ll say when they don’t turn out. I’m not sure WHY I do this, but I do it almost every time. Another reason I’m SHOCKED when I win the iHeartFaces contests, I just plan to fail. And why I have such a hard time CHARGING people full price for my photos, I don’t see them as moneyworthy. So a lot of times, I end up giving them away.

But I’m learning. I’m getting better. I think the Lord is trying to instill some confidence in me somewhere. And that just knocks my socks off! He is concerned with how I view MYSELF. WOW.

Pam, from Life by the creek , said something that hit home with me: “You must be doing something right, because each week the different judges all like what you’re doing.” That meant something HUGE to my confidence. Thanks, Pam!

And I’ll add my last 2 buttons for honorable mentions from the iHeartFaces photo contests in a bit. They really do mean a TON to me!


TOTAL change of subject, but one I can’t miss. Do you know what this is?


Yes, that’s my messy kitchen, don’t judge, I have 7 kids in my house everyday. But do you know WHY I took a picture of my groceries? Heidi? Do you recognize any of that? Those are the ingredients for ALL 3 of the Photobucket recipes!! I’m actually DOING it! Yes, I’m terribly slow, but I’ve had some God-moments going on, and He said I could take a few days off from cooking. 😉 OK, that’s a lie, but I did it anyway.

I’ve only made ONE so far, and my family thinks I’m a lunatic for 1) taking a picture of my groceries, and 2) taking a picture of the end result:


This was the Chicken Carbonera and it was YUMMY!! Yes, you see BASIL in there! Yes, I had to BUY basil at the store because I don’t believe I’ve ever OWNED any. And YES, those are SHALLOTS for tonights recipe Georgia Chicken, and YES, I had to GOOGLE what shallots are….and then had to ask the little veggie boy the If-I-were-a-shallot-where-would-I-live question…. But DOGGONIT, I made CHICKEN CARBONERA and it was GOOD! That’s love, Heidi , that’s love. Seriously, go to her page and check out the recipes. And then COOK them. 😉

I’ll blog my Ruth lesson later. And also my iHeartfaces entry. I THINK I’m going with this one:


Or should I go for THIS ONE?


Let me know cuz I’m posting TODAY.

EDITED TO ADD: WOW, I LOVE that last shot, however, I am seeing the HUGE difference in cameras now that they are next to each other! The first photo is with my new D90, the second one is with the old D80! That is a HUGE difference there!