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I’ve been lax on my blog carnivals lately, so I thought I’d jump back in. I love Shanda and her blog that is so uplifting and encouraging on a daily basis! If you haven’t been to her blog, click the link up top and head over there, you will be so glad you did!

I have friends, but mostly aquaintences, and none that have been CLOSE in quite a while. (I’m so honored to have Alexis, and Pam, and Rachel, and Heidi in my little blog world that simply ADORE and have been such an encouragement to me and helpful when I needed it!) But to have a close friend in real life, I haven’t had one other than my Mom or my husband, in quite a while.

And, even though I can be talkative to people I know, to reach out to people I do NOT know, is difficult for me to do in person! Sad, I know, but I’m working on it. Sometime last year, a new family started coming to our church, but I was too afraid to go over and talk to them. The husband had tattoos and frankly a little scary looking! Probably a LOT scary looking to be honest. πŸ˜‰ (Sorry, Benny!) And because I am self-conscious and scared of meeting new people, I don’t believe I ever introduced myself to them. Shame, shame, shame on me…..

But through situations and events at church, I was able to get to know this family and find a good friend in Hannah. She’s one I talk to everyday, and when we are able, she’ll come over during the day with her son to play and do laundry. It’s nice to have a friend that will come over just to hang out and instead of being horrified at the chaos I live in with babysitting children, she pitches in and helps. And even get laundry done! I don’t have to entertain her, she can just hang out and that is nice.

And her husband is not so scary after all. πŸ˜‰


Thank you, Hannah, for accepting my goofiness, my craziness, and the insanity that usually surrounds me! Come and hang out anytime!