Because sometimes….the truth is better than fiction……

Having children is WONDERFUL. Let me preface this with that.

Because I do a lot of talking at church (hush fellow church members ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I always like to keep a stash of gum in my purse. Unfortunately, my gum-stealing family knows this as well, and long before I get into church, they’ve rummaged my purse looking for my minty-goodness.

So I started hiding it in my little coin zip pocket in my purse. All of the males in my house KNOW what I keep in that pocket and they steer clear of it. And because I work with teenage girls, I always have a nice stash of tampons and pads for those emergencies that happen, tucked away in that zip pocket. No one goes in that pocket. They believe somehow if they acknowledge the contents of that pocket even EXISTS, somehow, menstruation will occur in THEM. Men are strange.

So the gum is safe in THAT pocket.

However, my fool-proof plan did not take into consideration my 3 year old who simply doesn’t care.

Walking through Target one day with both boys and Brooklyn in tow, I suddenly hear, “Look, Mommy! I found GUM! You said it was GONE, but I FOUND it!”

I look in utter mortification as the ENTIRE contents of that pocket were UNWRAPPED and strewn all OVER the cart! And to make matters worse, the pads were STUCK to the cart!

And they smelled beautifully of MINT to which Brooklyn proclaimed to everyone in the store! “See? They even SMELL like gum!”

So there you have….the REST of the story…. ๐Ÿ™‚