I am tired.

I am just so so so very tired….

This week has been unbelievable, and I’m just ready to take a whole week to do nothing but SLEEP.

My body aches.  My feet hurt so badly.  My head is pounding.  My bones are just simply weary.

And my brain is full.  Full of stuff to do, stuff to figure out, stuff to get done, stuff to pay for, work to do to pay for stuff to pay for….

I knew this surgery for Mike was not going to be easy, and I thought I had prepared pretty well for it, but I guess I had no idea what I was in for.  My plans did not take into consideration a housekeeper:

Mom!  Are my jeans washed?

Have you seen my other sock?  I know I put it in the hamper!  YES I DID! 

OOPS…sorry Mommy, I’ll clean it up….


Or the need for a cook:

I still don’t understand why you aren’t cooking this week…YOU didn’t have surgery…..(oh yes….there was a smack on the forehead for that one)

But I don’t want that!


Fix it yourself…….is that ENGLISH?  I certainly have never heard it….

Mommy, I want peanut jelly! 

But, Mommy, I don’t LIKE peanut jelly!  Why did you make this for me?  I told you I don’t LIKE peanut jelly!  Can I have boney?


And I certainly should never have thought I could successfully babysit 6 children and do post-surgical care.  What was I thinking?

I’ve lost my mind.  I was on the verge of losing it yesterday, but today it’s gone.

Care for kids:  teach, fish stuff out of Cherry’s mouth, fix bottles, change diapers, teach some more, fish stuff out of Cherry’s mouth…..

Check on Mike:  give him medication, more water, give him a fresh ice pack, find out if he’s hungry, give him food.

Care for kids:  clean up living room, fix lunch (a SOFT lunch that Mike can eat so I don’t have to fix 2 lunches), change diapers, wash hands and faces, feed bottles, feed baby.

Care for Mike:  doesn’t want THAT lunch, eggs instead.  Urge him to drink more.  Fix eggs.

Care for kids:  load washed clothes into the dryer to start, load washer with a fresh load, lay mats out, give pillows and blankets, get everyone laid down, start fans and music, and rock the baby.

Care for Mike:  take dishes, give medicine, tell him to drink more.

Care for kids:  clean up lunch mess, clean up dishes, wash off tables, clean off high chair, load dishwasher, sweep, mop.

Collapse into a chair to do my Bible study.

Read daily Bible reading.

Eat my own lunch that is now cold.

I am behind on my blogs, but catching up.  I am terribly behind on my commenting.  Trust me, Shanda, Heidi, Rachel, Alexis, Suzanne, Pam, Daniele, just to name a few, I am still reading, but can’t seem to find the time to comment.  Most of them would just be a garbled mess of nonsense because my brain has ceased to function.

Oh and that GAG and SPIT….COUGH COUGH COUGH….is Mike hemorraging.  He’s done it twice so far today, JUST when I think he’s doing really well.  He coughs.  He starts bleeding.  A LOT.   Blood all over my sinks and counters and mirrors.   Lots and LOTS of it. 

The vampire bats are circling overhead….

Thankfully he did take a shower today.  He reeked of blood so badly I didn’t want to kiss him. 

Yes, I said it.  I’m a big girl and can admit it.  I was grossed out.  Blood in his hair…..how in the world……nevermind, don’t wanna know.

And in the midst of this strange blood bath, I had a new client for Senior Pictures. I am so grateful for new clients. There are so many expenses for this surgery coming in, some we planned, some we did not….

Oh shoot….I forgot Easter baskets…..run to WalMart….

But I finally was able to get ALL of the wedding photos finished and prints sent off for!  Cost me $65 to have them all printed!  OYE!   But they are FINISHED and I don’t have that stress looming over me!


And the other new client for Senior Pictures has her pictures and is now in the process of going through her 30+ pictures and picking out what she wants:


And I was able to photograph a dear old friend who is simply GORGEOUS! It was easy to shoot her….she couldn’t be any more beautiful! She is outspoken and hilarious, and I found myself just wanting to stay for tea so we can just keep talking….



And then….Wednesday nights new client….yes, I took the new client the day I brought my husband home from the hospital. And I was terrified the entire time I was gone….


So even in the midst of my weird house and the gross inhabitants, and I’m tired and want to hide, God repeated over and over in my head “My yoke is easy and My burden is light”…..Thank You, Holy Spirit for bringing to my mind the scriptures I need exactly when I need them….”

So I guess I’ll wait til tomorrow to run away….

I’ll come out of hiding for tonight….

Tomorrow will be better….

It has to be.


(Thank you, Lexie…..just thank you….)