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Another week….another photo…..YAY!

This weeks theme is SPRING!  I love Spring, I like fall BETTER, but short of fast forwarding through another hot Oklahoma summer, I’ll take spring.  It’s pretty at least.

I know I use my daughter WAY TOO MUCH, but….well…..let’s be honest:

She’s available.  She doesn’t run away when I want to practice or purposefully make faces at my camera.   Sometimes.  😉   My boys just don’t like the camera anymore. 


….did they ever?

I digress, I had 4 photos I had to choose from, and I just simply couldn’t decide, so I may just eeny-meeny-miney-moe to pick one.

Yeah, let’s do that, we’ll ALL be surprised….


So there ya go….. 🙂 

That was her Easter dress last year!  This year’s Easter portrait, she is pouting and running away from the camera because I won’t let her chase the geese.  And by geese, I mean those HUGE big ol’ Canadian geese that rip limbs off and stuff…..like ducks on steroids or something…scary, scary creatures…… {shudder}  Stuff that nightmares are made of…..which has nothing at all to do with the photo contest….. {embarrassed chuckle}

uhhh….iHeartfaces……go there…..enter a picture and stuff.  🙂