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Thank you, Rachel, for daring us to take our embarrassing moments, our faux pas, the incidents we just WISH never happened….and put them on display for the world to read. 

My name is Phoebe.*  Phoebe Buffet.*  😉  And this is a true story. 

Last week, my dear honey, Mike, had surgery to remove his tonsils, uvula, repair his deviated septum, and gut his sinuses.  The surgery I teasingly referred to as:  taking his face off.   Cuz that’s the good wife that I am….

Surgery went well, the recovery however did not.  What was supposed to be a 30 minute-hour recovery time, turned into 7 hours long.  I was stressed, I was scared, and I didn’t know what to do.  

Anyway, Mike was supposed to have been home by the time the boys came home, so when he was STILL in recovery, I had to pick them up from school and bring them to the hospital.   Something scary for them.  This has never happened to us before. 

So after waiting for 4 and half hours to even SEE my husband, they allow me back and then I went to bring the kids back to see him.  This was not a pretty sight:  their normally strong, healthy Dad, looked like a very old man sitting in a wheelchair, slumped over, sleeping with….is that DROOL coming out of his mouth?  OK, probably not, but it would have added to the story. 😉

So I proceed to explain what all the machines are and what the doctor did in surgery.   I said:

“They fixed his nose, took his tonsils out, and clipped his uvula.  They actually cut it OFF!”  (thinking this would be cool to them, what was I thinking?)  

Seeing the confused look on Chandler’s face, I clarified:

“You know, the hangy-down thing…..”  

Question answered with a “oh….yeah…..”

I think, conversation over, they are overwhelmed being in a hospital with their Dad looking very UN-Dad-like.

15 minutes later, Chandler is eyeballing his Dad very closely then leans over to whisper in my ear:

“How does he use the bathroom then?  And will his pee-pee EVER grow back?”


Then the kind of laughter you can only do in recovery rooms:  stifled and snorting. 

Poor Mike….he didn’t find it funny THEN….and he only half chuckled about it Easter Sunday when I told him Mom and brother what was said.  

Who knows if he will EVER find it funny, but, I for one, find it *HIL-ARIOUS*!  BAHAHAHAHAHA

That’s my Chandler!