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Alright….who’s dumb idea was THIS one?    I mean, REALLY now….just because I wanna see the self portraits of all the OTHER photographers, doesn’t mean I wanna post MINE.  😉    I kinda like being a voyer with everyone else, but let’s leave MINE out!  HAHAHAHAHA


Why can’t I be Angelina Jolie today?   Just one day….

Well, and if it isn’t like I haven’t posted pictures of my fool-self anyway.  😉

And I’ll get to stalk all the other blogs too and see everyone elses, just promise me you didn’t do your hair or makeup.  HAHAHAHAHA



And I’ll have you know….I REALLY thought about cheating and doing the cute reflection in the Christmas tree ball (done it), reflection of me in the eyes of the people I photograph (done it more times than I can COUNT, and some, not so flattering reflections of me crouching my big butt down on the floor, that’s just NOT pretty), or doing the reflection in the bathroom mirror with my camera covering MOST of my face (done that too 😉  ).  But in the end, they may not be AWARD winning, or all that creative, but trying to juggle a child and a big fat heavy DSLR while you try desperately to look cute and not all disheveled like you feel everyday….now THAT’s somethin!  Won’t see me reclining all gorgeous in the grass…..just can’t do that.   If I’m reclining, I’m asleep.  And what fun would THAT picture be?  Huh? 

OK, fun for YOU, embarrassing to the rest of my family that have to live with me.  It’s bad enough I crouch to take photos. 😉  

Now go….go voyer at someone elses blog with their cuteness and no wrinkles.   This here, blog, is full of ’em.  HAHAHAHAHA  Well, full of somethin’ today…..  😉

HAIL TO THE WRINKLY, FAT CHICKS!  😛  That’s how I roll….