Thank you, Rachel for giving us an outlet to express our lovely pitfalls, faux pas, goof ups, and less than graceful moments.   We all HAVE them, let’s admit it and get on with our lives. 

Because Life’s too short to try and cover up all my blunders…..

This weekend has been INSANELY busy with pictures.  Thank You, Lord, by the way….VERY grateful…

Saturday, I went from homeschool event photos to a Prom, and always in the back of my head are the ideas I have for more fundraiser photos.  I am on the hunt for rain photos and a good single tree.  Sounds simple enough, and yet, very very challenging right now.

I was on the way home from doing the prom photos and it had been rainy most of the day.  Driving by a little park, I spy a tree that may work!  YAY!!   (I should have probably been watching the ROAD….but….OH WELL….)  I pull over into the little park and get out into a gravel parking lot.  Austin and Brooklyn stay IN the car since it will only take me a SECOND to go shoot this tree. 

I get out, camera in hand and start heading towards the tree when…..OH WAIT….that’s not gravel there…..

It’s FULL ON MUD and I slipped and TOTALLY bit it!    


One leg goes FORWARD…one leg goes BACK and I’m knee deep in mud.  And it’s one of those awkward positions that unless you have BOTH hands, it’s not easy to get up.  One hand is holding a safe-from-the-mud camera, other hand doesn’t know exactly where to plant itself to avoid mud and still get out.   So I have this moment of “HOW-am-I-gonna-get-myself-outta-this-one”, when I glance up and see not ONE….

…not even 2…..

I count 4, YES FOUR, male joggers go running by me not even 2 feet from where I am. 


Oh thanks…..THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help…..

That’s nice.

No….no no…..I got it. 

I’ll just….uhh….put this foot here….slide this hand over….put the camera around my neck……plant the other foot here…..

WAIT….WAIT!  YES!!  Yes, I have it……you can carry on.  

I’m good.

Oh…..wait…….NOT ONE STOPPED TO HELP ME!  Not one.  All 4 do a little glance, but not one actually breaks stride. 

This has reiterated to me that exercise, especially jogging, is a dangerous hypnotic brought to us by aliens and should be avoided at all costs.  All costs!

When this Super-Graceful event took place, I was maybe 25 feet from the car with Austin and Brooklyn in it.

‘Member them?  My 13 year old son who would probably do ANYTHING to see his dumb Mom bite it in a public place.  My 3 year old who would laugh til she peed herself…..

But, Glory shone down on me…..THEY BOTH MISSED IT!


And I didn’t care HOW MUCH begging Austin did, I was NOT going to replay it for him.  😀   Nope!  Not gonna do it…..

However, I did take a nice photo of it…. 😉  Cuz that’s how much I love ya’ll.  😀


Nice huh?  Ya like that?  I was just competing with Rachel and her mud-fest .  Oh you thought I wouldn’t remember that huh?   😉 

Go check out the link.  😀

ETA:  Oh and the tree?   Yeah, didn’t work.  Darn it.