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Let me start first by shamelessly plugging myself: Apparently I’ve been nominated for a Blog award, not sure for what yet, I’ll have to check it out. If it’s worst dressed or biggest clutz, someone’s in trouble!! 😉 Go here to check them out! Ya know, you could vote for me too! I’d love that!

ETA: WOOHOOO!! Someone thinks I’m funny, good at photography, and full of faith! That’s nice! And no clutz or worst dressed! So, yeah, go VOTE for me because with Mike missing work, I could SURE use that gift card!! $50 WM gift card would buy groceries and GAS! YEHAWW! Target would get me new pots and pans, cuz LORD KNOWS I need em! LOL HAAAAAAAAAA

But THANK YOU, GOD ALMIGHTY, it’s FRIDAY! It’s been a week….WHOO BOY I’m exhausted!

So, since last week’s Photo Friday, let me catch you up on what’s been going on here.

Saturday took me back in time to the Medieval times!


Would it be Medieval times without a pigs head? You can’t have Medieval without that. Can you imagine the TIME it took this lady to do this?? Hats off to her…or HEADS off…. 😉

And I caught some little lords and ladies while I was there…OK, I don’t know if that’s Medieval lingo or not, but I couldn’t think of anything else to say….I’m supposed to be mopping my floor right now….


This was a Homeschool event I was asked to shoot. They study it first, and then at the end of that unit, they have these big-deal events! How cool is that? Still doesn’t make me want to homeschool…but it’s pretty awesome! (Our school district is AMAZING, and I have no need to homeschool.) I have the rest of the photos on my Facebook page if you’re interested in seeing them! Some BEAUTIFUL photos!
Saturday night brought PROM! No, not for MY child, but I was asked to shoot this young lady’s photos for prom. Helps that I know and LOVE both families….


Yes, it’s Pioneer Woman’s Seventies action….AGAIN…it’s my FAVORITE right now and some photos just look so NICE with it!
Monday brought family portraits! YAY! Oh wait….5 kids….4 of them 4 and YOUNGER! This was my FAVORITE:


How HILARIOUS is that??? I’d buy it and frame it and hang it on my wall just because it makes me laugh so much! WOW those babies were SCREAMING!

I did some beautiful ones, but I haven’t edited many of them yet. Still working on Prom. UGH.


And I am SO THANKFUL for the work. With Mike home a full WEEK without pay, it’s gonna hurt. This will hopefully stop some of the pain. Hopefully.
Speaking of Mike, I just gotta say….gosh I love that man….totally adore him.


He was helping her write her letters 😀


I miss him being home with me during the day. I enjoy his company. And I love those sweet moments of him with his kids. Makes me happy. I won’t bore you with all the pictures I took of it. LOL

Lastly, because the weather has really been nice this week, we’ve played outside every day! And now, I have the PRIVILEDGE to introduce you to Oklahoma’s first BOB SLED TEAM!

(OK, I don’t really know if it’s the first, it’s funny, so just go with it…)



They found Chandler’s skateboard and were skating down the little bitty hill in the backyard! LOL

Oh wait….check out that FANTASTIC bow! It’s got a little butterfly made out of ribbon on it! LOL Matches her new Gymboree stuff.

And because I’m a glutton for punishment, THIS was going to be my Self Portrait for this weeks contest, but I went with the other one instead. LOL


And for anyone interested, I have 2 prints framed so far for my Mexico Mission trip fundraiser! I LOVE them! They are just so special after they are framed.




Look under my header under Mexico Fundraiser! There’s also Photography if you wanna browse around there….so, if you’re interested and stuff….

Til NEXT Friday….be good, stay safe, and photograph your week! Maybe I’ll do a photo carnival out of it or something….anyone interested?