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Last week, you will recall the “misshap” Ladybug Baby had with Brother:


Well, I know a little Angel named Cara, who belongs to Heidi. She saw the fate of our precious Ladybug Baby and came to the rescue as only a child with a HUGE compassionate heart could. She sent us this:


Wait…can you see it? Maybe this will help:


Then let’s just do this:


Hmmmm….still can’t see it very well?

You probably won’t. You see, Cara the angel, sent MY angel, Brooklyn, a new baby. HER baby. And it’s a Chou-Chou baby. I’m not hip to all the baby lingo yet because this is still a growing obsession. Brooklyn is just really starting to get into the Mommy thing with babies. She is reaching that age in her development when she is learning to nurture. She is starting the growth in her development where she is learning to CARE for something or someone apart from her self. It is our job as parents to give them the tools and the opportunities to enrich that. Kids are selfish, that’s their nature.

Hence the need for babies and my severe disappointment in losing Ladybug Baby.

Boys do superhero stuff. And they crash cars. They play cops and robbers too, or cowboys and Indians….that’s their nature.

Anyway, Cara is reaching that stage in her development where she is learning EMPATHY: the ability to think of someone else outside of herself and understand how they are feeling. This is why that is so important: lots of children in our society nowadays don’t learn that lesson. They are taught by unknowing parents that they are more important than anyone else. Their needs are more important than anyone elses. I need it, I get it. This is very dangerous. Why so many children, teenagers, and young adults act the way they do. They were a product of a selfish, me-first upbringing. And why our society as a whole is in trouble.

This is why Cara’s desire to do something for someone else is SO VITAL to our society. Cara is going to save the world.


We wanted to be the first to tell Cara THANK YOU. She will hear many more of those in her lifetime I predict.

And THANK YOU Heidi, for teaching your children well. (I should have gotten a picture of that, but that would have taken the focus off of Cara our Angel.) Heidi knows we love her. 😉

Somewhere right now, Heidi is so proud of her daughter. And my Mom is so proud that I used my boring education in intelligent context in this post. GO ME!

I didn’t intend to make this post boring, sometimes, it just comes naturally to me. But it’s important that people know #1: it may look like PLAY, but for kids it’s growth and development. #2, it is VITAL that we teach our children kindness and compassion for OTHER people every opportunity we can. And #3, I actually can be very smart. Sometimes. 😀

But Cara, our Angel, she has not let go of this baby the entire weekend.

She took her sliding:


And played “baseball” with her:


Look at her run in those flip-flops!

When we went to Cody’s house for our Bible study and cook out, the Baby HAD to go with us. I’ll have to teach her though that real babies cannot travel on laps, they must go in carseats. But I don’t have a babydoll carseat yet, and not sure yet if I want to start THAT.


Thank you, Cody, for inviting out to your gorgeous house, oh LOOK! That’s my IRL friend, Hannah! Thank you for holding a plate of cheese. And having another baby so I can practice on newborn shots. But that has nothing to do with this post either.

And LOOK, Cara! She kept her safe from the big scary dinosaur! What a good mom…


She may have screamed and ran away too when the dinosaur got too close…..but she kept the baby out of danger from being eaten by the scary, plastic dinosaur!

RUN BRAXTON from the scary dinosaur!

Not really, he loved it. Toys are so cool these days….

This baby cries and her cheeks light up red when she’s “sick”. Brooklyn knows to put her paci in her mouth and hold her up on her chest and rock her. And when you do that, you can actually feel the little baby heartbeat.

No, I’m not kidding. That’s how cool this baby is. And how cool our Cara, the Angel, is. Please go see Heidi and tell them both a HUGE THANK YOU!

And Cara, because I can’t say it enough: