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This Totally Photo Friday is made possible by the makers of:

Yes, it’s messy.


Yes, if left out it dries like cement.

Especially in carpet.


But, here’s the really cool thing:


No, really. I’m being honest here!

Let me give you a little peek into my mind, it’s scary, and dark, and you may want to bring a friend to hold your hand, but there are actually some sparks of intelligence in there.

OK, look deeper then. Maybe behind that neuron over there…..alright, maybe the flash from that somatosensory system over there blinded you for a second…it’s there, I promise!

Playdo is a SUPER fine motor, sensory, eye-hand coordination, AND pre-writing builder! There are little muscles in the hand that babies/toddlers/preschoolers have to build and learn to control that are crucial for…..



And if you make your own, the learning possibilities are ENDLESS! You can teach colors, build language skills, and playdo actually has a very calming effect on hyper-active children. Add a drop of lavender or chamomile while you are making it, and it DOUBLES the effect! Give an ADD child a little ball of playdo to work in his hands while he is taking a test, and he will be able to concentrate better. It keeps that side of the brain active doing something, while the other side is calmed enough to concentrate on his work. Add mint or eucalyptus and it helps them maintain focus. I’m not making this up! It’s all true!

Brilliant huh? And it’s TRUE! I went to school and stuff….

So even though it’s a pain in the rump to get out and clean up after, it is simply an amazing tool for childhood development.

And look at those adorable, little hands…




So next time you’re stumped to find something to occupy the kids, make some playdo, add some kool aid for color and scent, add drops of essential oils, or make edible playdo, and let them go wild! Obviously, I am not a big BAKER, so all the cookie cutters and cake decorating stuff was wasted on me….but it’s great for the kids!



You can give each child their own cookie sheet, placemat, styrofoam plate (because we are eco-friendly at MY house), or just put wax paper down to keep some of the mess confined.

So there you have it. A little peek into the intelligent side of me. 😀 Nice metal chairs huh? They go nicely with my terribly expensive, solid cherry dining room table we inherited from my Grandmother. She’s rolling over in her grave just seeing the decimation of her beautiful table…. 😉

This lesson was brought to you today by the letters P, and Q. And the number 1.

You can now lift your trays to their upright positions, and make your way to the exits in an orderly fashion.

Thank you for flying with us today….