This week, I’m doing straight color, no actions, no vintage, no black and white. Sometimes that can be so much harder, so this week I’m challenging myself and doing both color photos with no actions. I know….I LOVE actions! LOL I heart actions…..



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ETA:  I need to add, it was misunderstood that these were SOOC (straight out of the camera) shots, and they were not.  I did still do a small amount of processing like curves, but I didn’t use any of my beloved actions on them like B&W, vintage, seventies action, Touch of Light/Touch of Dark, face smoothing…you know, all those yummy actions we love so much….I just didn’t play with color or eye pop, stuff like that. 

I wanted to use photos that were only MILDLY retouched.  But there was curves done.  And I probably should have taken some of the yellow out in the first one….but that’s beside the point….and I still think we should have a challenge that’s SOOC….to put a bug in some ears. 😉