Hmmm…I can’t seem to get to Rachel’s blog for this WHOPPER of a True Story Tuesday…in fact, I wasn’t sure I had one until about 30 minutes ago…..

….the rain suddenly stopped…..the clouds parted…..and the birds began to sing. God Himself leaned down out of Heaven and planted this nice, fat KISS right on my forehead.

No lie.

Maybe a slight exaggeration….it’s still raining…

But anyway….thank You, Jesus. πŸ˜€

Pull up a chair and enjoy.

I sure did.

My night was crap. I say crap because I told God I would stop using bad words, so crap will just have to describe it. The neighbor called at 3 in the morning to tell me my dog was barking again.

Oh, I’m sorry….I thought they DID that….isn’t that like…a DOG THING? But of course I don’t say that, I just say I’m sorry and I’ll take care of it.

Puke. I’m a suck up, what can I say.

So, I deal with that non-existant problem and fall back to sleep, oh, about 4:30 IN THE MORNING.

So I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted and grumpy. I’m exhausted, grumpy, and my day is crap.

Until the clouds parted….

Or the phone rang. One or the other. This lady asks for Co!!&&n ________.

Me: Who?

Co!!&&n ______. Is she there?

Me: I have no idea who you are talking about. This is the S#**s residence.

But this is Dana? Correct? And you don’t know Co!!&&n ________, out of S@p#lp@?

Me: What? Why in the world would you be calling ME for this woman?

It says here you are related to her.

Me: Not by any stretch of the imagination. THIS is how we are related: her daughter married my family member and then abused their children. He divorced her, and won full custody of the children. We haven’t seen her OR her witch of a daughter in 7 years. We are NOT related. But if I had ANY information AT ALL to give you, I’d wrap it up in a pretty package and give it to you! If I knew where she lived, I’d pick you up, drive you over there and sit on the front lawn eating my big bowl of popcorn while the show took place. And I’d do a big ol’ happy dance when it was over.



I realize this story is really making me look slightly evil. Maybe a little MORE than slightly evil. Rachel, I apologize for dumping my big, steaming pile of happy all over your beautiful blog carnival.

But I still love it.


Oh yes….it doesn’t end there. But if you are thinking horrid thoughts of me before, go ahead and read Pam’s blog or Shanda’s blog. They are both amazing women with the best hearts and blogs that will blow you away.

I….well…..I am maybe a little MORE than slightly evil. And loving it right now.

So, I do some digging…do a little undercover PI work, cuz I’m all sneaky like that…. πŸ˜‰ and I not only find her daughter’s phone number, I get the directions to Co!!&&n’s house.

OH YES! Those are the sounds of happy, cheerful birds chirping! Sing, small winged beasts….SING FOR JOY!

I call the original lady who called me in the first place and with a smile on my face, I GAVE.IT.ALL.UP! All of it. Even the directions to the house. (uhhh…she was a bill collector, not a serial killer. I think. I hope now that I’ve given up that information….)

And I told her, when you call the daughter, PLEASE let her know DANA SENT HER.

Oh no, those aren’t birds, I think that is the distinct sound of ANGELS singing…..

Maybe in my own head. Again. I don’t care.

Just a very small part of justice was served today.

And that makes my crappy, exhausted day, just a little easier to go through….

And makes me realize, a little belatedly, that maybe the part about FORGIVENESS wasn’t done as thoroughly as I thought it was. Maybe I just thought I forgave her successly because I haven’t seen this woman in 7 years….

OK….I’ll work on it.

But for today…..I’m relishing in a GOOD, GOOD day….. πŸ™‚