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I haven’t done Thankful Thursday since March, and thought it was about time to do it again. I obviously love the theme for today: Mothers.

I LOVE being a Mom. In the 6th grade when we had to pick a career for Career Day, I picked…..

a Mom.

And they all laughed. Nice…thanks, kids.

But I always knew I wanted to be a Mom. I didn’t want to be a Mom with a career, I just wanted to be a Mom. Even playing house with my sister when we were growing up, she always had 4 kids, but always wanted a career, and she always pretended to wear these really nice business-type clothes, and she was always successful. I was just a Mom. And I was “married” to Paul White and we had 3 kids. I don’t know who Paul White is or WAS, and obviously I didn’t marry him. Or have his children. He was just a made up man.

Anyway, beside the point.

Motherhood was always forefront in my dreams of the future.

And then the kids came along and the reality set in: WOW. OK, I don’t know where these kids went at NIGHT, but they sure never interrupted my sleep in my DREAMS!

I envisioned snuggling and holding them, talking to them, adoration, and everyone wore white….in my dreams. It is a lot harder than I ever imagined, and no one worships me like they were supposed to….and yet, I’d have 3 more if I could.

I’m waiting for someone to send me one. I’m waiting to open my front door and find one on my porch. Hopefully a Chinese baby girl….or Korean, or Vietnamese…anyone have any extras they’d like to send?  😉  Doesn’t have to be a baby, I’ll take a toddler…

I digress…again….

I love being a Mother. 

But then again, I learned from a great example of a Mother. 

My own Mother.

My dreams of being a Mother came from the love I had for my OWN Mom. 

I know I was a crappy kid, and screamed:  I hate you more times than I’d like to admit, and the stupid arguments as a teenager because I knew everything and you were sadly out of touch….

But knowing how to love my children through their stupid, knowing how to talk to my kids, knowing the importance of church and a personal relationship with Christ, all that came from my Mom.  The compassion, the love, the importance of hugs long after they think they’ve outgrown them, growing a good, strong bond with them, talking and genuinely enjoying my children, all came from my Mom. 

Teaching my kids the importance of chores, personal responsibility, respect…all came from my Mom.

Building a relationship with my husband, the need for time with my marriage and being a loving wife, helping my husband and having a good, personal work ethic…all came from my Mom.

I wouldn’t be the kind of Mom I am without my Mom.  Even though I’m sure she didn’t think anyone noticed, I did.  Even if she never thought anyone cared, I did.  And if she thinks no one loved her, I sure do. 

I’m the hard-worker because of her.  I’m determined and focused because of her.  And she was the foundation for my relationship with Christ.  I built on what she helped me establish in childhood.  

She is amazing and wonderful and funny and I love her dearly.  If I could pick her up and whisk her away from all the stress and problems, I would.  If I could move her in with me and all MY stress and problems, I would. 😉  

She is lovely.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!   Sorry for my teen years…. 😉


(But don’t tell her I used this photo again, she’ll get me 😀 )