Oh this week’s challenge was SO difficult for me! Knowing that Ree Drummond MAY be viewing my photography made me want to pee my pants a little bit. (UGH, I need to stop sharing so much…) πŸ˜‰

I did not have the formal training in photography, much like Ree, and had to try to wade my through this scary new venture with no one here to personally help me. I had to rely on myself and some sweet online photographers patient enough to help me. Photography as more than just snapshots of my kids only started about 2 years ago. And going professional…well that has been only 2 months.

And scary as all get out. πŸ˜‰

But one day, I swear, I’m going to make the 45 min-hour long trip, and show up on her front porch and beg her to teach me….I wanna shoot like SHE does! πŸ˜€

But to know that PIONEER WOMAN may actually view my photos…well….it’s almost more than I can handle.

So without further ado (….or anymore wetting of the pants….):

I took this photo of Brooklyn and Jeffrey who have pretty much grown up together the last 3 years. They are truly like brother and sister. That being said, she was “not havin’ a THING to do with that yuck-o kissin’ stuff!” He’d try to kiss her, and she’d squeal with laughter to try to block him…

DSC_2247 copy3

(Pioneer Woman’s B&W beauty action, sepia action reduced to 20% opacity. Levels bumped and background burned a bit.)

My adult entry this week was taken a few weeks ago of a couple of Youth students my husband and I have taught all through their jr high/high school years at church. So to be asked to photograph her prom was an incredible honor. I’m not even sure what the group of laughing at, but I suspect it was at the boys behind them. Just a girl hunch there. πŸ˜‰

I know I’m not supposed to take photos of the “out-takes”, but I have found that most of the out-of-the-ordinary photos I’ve captured have been the favorites. And this one was NO exception!

The photo just makes me laugh, and draws me into the fun they were having that day. It may not be technically correct, but it draws you to it.

DSC_1620 copy

(Pioneer Woman B&W beauty action used, levels bumped, slight USM)

OK, now, I’m not gonna BREATHE the rest of the week til this competition is over…..and probably second guess my photos every second….

And just in case Ree actually DOES stop by….a BIG HELLO from Oklahoma too!


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