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Our experiences can be a blessing to others….if we are willing to share it…..

I believe that we have many testimonies in our lifetime, moments that God has brought us through.

Here is one of my testimonies:

I grew up in a Christian home with loving, Christian people. My Mom could pray away mountains and I can distinctly see her in my mind reading her Bible often. They were always big….and well worn.


I was saved in Ohio as a little girl. I can even remember my baptism! But, after we moved from Ohio, my parents just couldn’t find that church they loved and felt at home in, so going faithfully as we had in Ohio, just stopped.

But something in my heart always called me. I always seemed to find a way to go. First with friends down the street…later with Mike after we started dating.

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One day, I realized I couldn’t live on my Mother’s faith. Just because she read her Bible, didn’t mean it counted for me. Just because her prayers moved mountains, didn’t mean they would move MY mountains.

I had to find my own faith.

God was patient with me. He pursued me.

Even though I remained faithfully in church, there was very little growth teaching. Only in the last few years did I finally get it and understand what a relationship with Christ meant. I was saved, but my relationship was weak. I didn’t take the time needed to foster a close bond with Christ. I was a Christian with fire insurance, but nothing more.

Today, I stand strong. I’m not saying I never fail, because I do. I am not saying I am perfect, because I’m not. I am saying that I enjoy reading my Bible, my prayers are beginning to move mountains, and my life has changed. Christ is moving and working in my life and in my family and it’s exciting and scary all at the same time.

I believe in God the Father. I believe He created the heavens and the earth. I believe He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the ultimate sacrifice for my sins (and yours…and yours….and yours….) so we have an opportunity to join Him in Heaven. I believe the Bible is God’s Holy Word and should be read daily. If there are any more questions about what I believe, feel free to email me.

I am growing and I am learning. And I’m loving Christ Almighty!

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