OK, first off….to call this photo a reject is a loooo-oooong shot. Angie and Amy, come on now…..no way you’d throw this image into the dumpster. πŸ˜‰ It has good “bones”….like an old house…

Here is the original:


Here is my “regular” play with no actions. I opened levels and moved arrows around in midtones and in shadows and slightly in highlights and only cropped in a tad. I then used USM to sharpen a bit.

3530419331_9db2372e22 copy

3530419331_9db2372e22 copy2

Then I opened up my little fun bag of actions and used a sunshine action on it because I wanted to play up that beautiful light over her shoulder. Adjusted levels in midtones and shadows and cropped a bit closer. This is NOT my favorite crop. πŸ˜‰


3530419331_9db2372e22 copy3

This is my favorite crop by FAR! I just wish the file was larger so you could see this gorgeous-ness close up….right across her nose is splashed the yummiest of FRECKLES! This would make for a wonderful photo cropped close in! I started from scratch again, ran another yummy action from my fun bag of actions (thanks Ree!), this time lovely and ethereal, and then I did a boost on the colors and pulled the opacity down to about 50% so it wasn’t too overdone. Opened levels again and adjusted midtones and shadows. USM at about 65/1/0.

My favorite fix this week was Amy’s….it was AMAZING, my second has to be Angie’s, and not because I’m a suck up. πŸ˜‰ I can’t tell if she sharpened to get that tone or what she did, but it was the BEST! But I would have cropped a little closer to crop off those little fingers. I know, sad huh? Angie’s, I loved the SOFTNESS of it!

So that’s my plays and how I did it.

ETA: on further inspection, I think I’ve gone insane…..on looking at Angie’s and Amy’s who probably had the full resolution file enabling them to get a closer up crop…..heh….well, I don’t see any freckles. I can only blame it on my sheer excitement that today is FRIDAY…and I may be slightly insane after this insane week….