Who knows how it starts….

…for some, it’s slow…a little here and there….

…for others, it’s quick…just not thinking…

…sometimes, it’s minor, seemingly unimportant things…

…sometimes, it’s massive and totally out of character…

…but we all do it…

…everyone of us…

…none are immune…

…there’s no shot to prevent it, no magic pill to cure it…

…it’s dark, and we all suffer from it…

…and David was no exception. The man after God’s own heart. He slew a giant by the power of Almighty God and experienced protection from an angry King by the hand of the Creator of the Universe. And somehow, he had no problem sliding into it either.

We all have those things we do we know are not right, and yet, we do them anyway. Sometimes, without even thinking.

We all know right from wrong, although I’ve experienced some that have a really warped sense of right and wrong…but we all deep down, should have that idea of what is fundementally right and wrong.

We don’t kill people.

We don’t sleep with anyone’s spouse.

We don’t steal.

Etc, etc. The list could go on and on. We know them, and yet, we still do them. Church people call it sin, others call it misbehaving, bad, naughty, etc etc.

I tried going back and reading through 2 Samuel to try and see where David went wrong, but I couldn’t find it. Maybe if I were a Bible scholar, I’d know, but I’m not….

David stayed home from training with his army, a place he should have been, but for whatever reason, he stayed home. He was the King, he had that right, I guess.

Maybe that’s how it started, he was not where he should have been…

While he’s home, he goes out on his balcony and sees a beautiful woman bathing on the roof. He asks about her, finds she married to one of his soldiers of his elite trops, and that should have been it….

…but like so many people, only thinking of their desires….he calls her to the palace….puts on a little Barry White….and…well, I’ll let you fill in the blank.

And as luck would have it, she gets pregnant. David tries to cover it, doesn’t work, so he has her husband killed. And then David marries her.

Yes, long story short. It’s hard to keep it short when there’s so much drama….

My point to all of this is:

#1, we ALL do it. We all sin. We all do things we know we shouldn’t do. We’re all selfish. And it gets worse, the farther and farther we are from God. David was not where he was supposed to be…. the heaviness of that double meaning just hits me square in my heart. If David had been with his troops, if David had only turned back around, if David had been in prayer, if David had been in a right relationship with God….if only, if only the woodpecker sighs

Can we make the choice to stay in a right relationship? Can we do things to avoid getting ourselves in trouble? Of course….do we?

I’m sure trying. In my own heart, I’m trying so diligently to stay in a right relationship with God. I stay in the Word….I pray often….I avoid looking/hearing/reading things that I know I am weak against (which means looking honestly at myself and recognizing where I am likely to go wrong, what makes me step over that edge into sin and doing what I shouldn’t), I stay in church, and I ask for help when I need it. I want to stay true and faithful. It doesn’t mean I’m perfect, obviously, but it means I’m sure trying.

And #2, even when we are so far away and we can no longer hear from God or feel His presence, He’s still there, and He’s pursuing us in order to right that relationship. He doesn’t want to be far from us. And He never leaves us. We walk away from Him. Some run.

Even with David, God found a way to bring David back to Him. The thought of that seriously blows my mind.

And He still does it with us. Some continuously push Him away and never find Him to begin with, some walk away from Him after a close relationship…but it never stops Him from trying.

God Almighty is pursuing us. He desires for us to be in a close, loving relationship with Him.

Pretty sweet.