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So uhhh….yeah…..guess what I discovered this week?

Did you know you can download the BIGGER files from Flickr?

{Please say no….please say no…..please say no…….}

You didn’t EITHER?? Well….then we BOTH learned something this week!

{totally embarrassed smile}


I’m an idiot.

OK, for those that live under a rock with me, up above the photo on flickr, is a magnifying glass. If you click on it, you are given the option to download the BIGGEST file uploaded.

heh. Who knew…..(don’t answer that….)

Here is the original photo for “fixing”:


(yeah, the BIG file 😀 )

Fix #1

3552072263_48c6483e07_b copy

I didn’t want to, but I thought I’d give it a try and learn how to take the undereye circles off. I’ve never done it before, but I may need to do it eventually. I cloned some healthy skin from another area and patched it over, and because I wasn’t real happy with how it turned out, I smoothed the skin a little over my patch job to help smooth things out a bit. Then reduced that to 50% so she doesn’t look like a porcelain doll.

I’m learning.

I did a Boost action on it and reduced it to 75%. Reduced the noise and sharpened a bit using 80/1/0. Cropped to 5×7 size.

Fix #2

3552072263_48c6483e07_b copy2

Ran the Seventies action on it just for fun. I don’t think I sharpened this one though.

Fix #3

3552072263_48c6483e07_b copy3

I had a hard time with a close crop with this one. I really wanted a nice close shot of her gorgeous face, but with the ponies, it was hard to figure out where or how. So I hope this crop works.

I converted to black and white and then I prefer the undertones of brown instead of gray or blue, so I changed to sepia then reduced down to 20% so it was an undertone.

Fix #4

This was an afterthought. I just burned the edges to bring attention to the face. It was just to try it out and see what I thought.

href=”https://momof3darlings.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/3552072263_48c6483e07_b-copy4.jpg”&gt;3552072263_48c6483e07_b copy4

Thanks to the owner of the gorgeous girl for letting us “play” with your daughter! And thank you to Amy and Angie for doing this every Friday! We learn a lot from seeing others do it and share their work, but to actually participate and work with a photo to see what works and what doesn’t is really nice for the EXPERIENCE! I always want to learn more and do better!

I use Adobe Photoshop CS2.