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This is the last recipe of this months Iron Chef-blogstyle put on by Heidi. I actually did this recipe LAST week, but haven’t had time to blog it. (The reason WHY will be in the NEXT post I blog.)

Texas-style Mustard Potato Salad

*NOTE: You must like the mustard to enjoy this potato salad.*


4-8 large russet potatoes
6-10 boiled eggs
sweet relish (you can use dill-if you like it better)
mayo or miracle whip
salt, pepper, garlic salt, season salt or paprika

Directions (some are hers, some are mine…..with a healthy dose of humor and photos):

Dice the darn potatoes. (I still hate dicing…probably even MORE now that I’ve done so much of it these last 2 weeks. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


Again, I detest peeling too, so I didn’t. Recipe didn’t say one way or the other, and of course, I’ll take the lazy way out.

To save time I never seem to have, I boiled the potatoes and the eggs at the same time.


Boil and bubble, toil and trouble….


But SPEAKING of bubbles, that reminds me! We interrupt this Iron Chef-blogstyle post to bring you a commercial break:


I have discovered this cleaner and LOVE it! I seriously HEART this stuff! It actually encourages me to CLEAN because I LOVE the smell of it! It actually calms me. And with 8 kids running around the house at any given time, I need that. Mr. Clean with Febreze Lavendar and Comfort…..one of my favorite things right now.*

OK, back to the blog:

After you boil the potatoes and the eggs, you need to rinse them in COLD water, like so:


Sprinkle a generous about of salt and pepper, about half that amount of garlic and seasoned salt.

OK, watch this….


Oh look….the Potato Washer is back! She bailed on me at the beginning of this recipe…..anyway….did you catch what I did in that photo? I added a full TEASPOON of garlic powder in there!

I KNOW!! Oh MY! That was bad….really really bad….

Right after this photo was taken, I noticed my HORRID mistake and had to rinse the potatoes again.

heh. This is why I hate cooking….

So add the seasonings again because I’m a dork and did it WRONG.

Then you add the mayo:


Try to convince the Potato Washer that it’s MAYO, NOT ice cream…


No, SERIOUSLY…that’s not ice cream…


She listens like her dad….wish I’d gotten a picture of her face after she tasted it and realized Mom was right…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shell the eggs….or de-shell….just PEEL maybe? Whatever, take the crap off the outside of the egg, and mash the eggs:


Lose 1/4 of the eggs to the Potato Washer. Nice….


Then you generously squirt mustard until the color becomes radio-active.

Cover and place in refrigerator for as long as possible. Over night is best, but I tend to not be ahead of the game and sometimes only get 1 hour.


I served it with Shake-n-Bake chicken tenders and corn.


Yes, that is a MIGHTY lot of yellow there….even down to my Grandmother’s GORGEOUS yellow dishes I inherited. Hush, it was supposed to be steamed BROCCOLI to go with it, but I forgot and served the broccoli to the daycare kids with their lunch since obviously we couldn’t have corn. So the end result is a lot of yellow.


I made Potato Salad for the FIRST time in my LIFE! Seriously!

Now, I am not a fan of potato salad. I know, sad, huh? Now PASTA salad I’d be ALL over…..however, how would it look for an Iron Chef recipe that is supposed to consist of POTATOES, be made with pasta instead?

So the recipe didn’t get high marks from ME only because I don’t like potato salad. However, my dear, darling Husband really liked it and my teenage son LOVED it! Seriously, licked the bowl.

I wish I was kidding.

And I was given strict orders to make it again. So, I guess the recipe is good!

But I still can’t tell you the winner yet…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

*I was paid ZERO dollars to endorse this product. Wish they did. Or at least send me lots of coupons to keep using it instead of the Store Brand stuff I usually buy.