I think it’s hard sometimes to be the middle child.

The older one goes through everything first, grows bigger, hits the older grades first.

While the youngest is the LAST, the last time to be this age, the last one to do this, the last one….there will be no more….

And the middle….well…..the middle can be a challenge.

There are challenges to parenting all of our children, but sometimes the middle one seems to get left out. When it comes time for new clothes, the older child has outgrown his….try his on.

So as a Mom, I’m always looking for those little ways to make Chandler feel special.

He is a darling son…


He doesn’t mind being alone, he’ll go off by himself to entertain himself.


He has those eyes that melt your heart…

DSC_0171 copy

And after he rough-houses with his brother and conks his head on the bottom of the pool, he lets me take pictures of the biggest bump on the head in the WORLD…


And he has one of the best senses-of-humors…


And he made me breakfast for Mother’s day…


So of course, I’m going to go out of my way to make sure that HE feels special.

Last Thursday while he was school, I took one of my nice frames and framed his painting he did at school. They were studying famous artists and well-known art styles. He could tell you what artist this was for, but I forgot. Wasn’t the point…

The point was, seeing his face light up when he came home from school and saw that something he did, something he was particularly proud of, and something entirely HIS, was displayed gloriously in the house for all to see.

It may not be all the karate trophies like Austin, or pink and frilly and GIRL, like Brooklyn, but it was his.

And right in that moment, the look on his face, showed it all.

He is Chandler. He is the middle child.

And he is something very, very special.