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So THIS is why I was so busy over the weekend.

(….well Mike did the MAJORITY of it, I was shooting a little wedding Saturday night.)

Apparently Cindy-Lou Who is all grown up…

DSC_2955 copy

They were FUN and sweet and it was the FASTEST wedding in the history of weddings. No really, someone actually timed it: 2 and a half minutes…seriously.

DSC_2913 copy

But I STILL don’t shoot weddings. So don’t ask. Or beg. I’ll just tell you to find another photographer. I’m not equipped to do something on such a GRAND scale. I’m serious…..NOT playing around.

And I got suckered into them TWICE now. Sigh. I’m weak.

But, while I was shooting this little tiny wedding with the sweet family with the long reception, my dear, handsome husband was doing THIS:



Oh and little drops here and there:


You see that? Yes, that would be PAINT on my bamboo plant. LOL

Oh and if you’ll look, there’s paint on my toaster too. But he painted, so I’m happy.

The OTHER casualty was a brand new Gymboree outfit. Sniff. No, I won’t cry. I won’t do it….it’s JUST clothes….really. Even though it said Little Sister on it with adorable little butterflies. I won’t cry.

At least he painted the kitchen.

And my bamboo plant.

And the new Gymboree outfit.

And my toaster.


But OH HOW NICE it is!!!

To have my own stuff put up in our own home that we put our stamp on…


…it just almost makes me cry. Usually we move our things into another person’s home and somehow it stays their home with our stuff in it. But finally, we are able to really put our mark in it…and we’re NOT moving out! LOL


See the bench along the wall? All leather and yummy? We are lining that wall with them instead of chairs. Plenty of seating! And the gorgeous solid cherry dining room table I inherited from my Grandmother, all polished and sparkly….

…and the roses Mike gave me last September, dried and beautiful…


The picture of Mike’s Grandpa as a young man, just seemed to fit perfect…


…and of course, Chandler’s painting of the road that leads home…


It’s nice knowing it’s all mine. Not the wallpaper from the family before. Not the paint that a previous owner thought was a nice color. It’s all mine.

It’s like I teach my Sunday School girl: it’s better when it’s yours. I know, what an odd thing to say, but listen for a second…

We grow up with our parents and learn their ways, their beliefs, and for a little while, we live on their faith.

But we cannot get to Heaven on our parents faith. It doesn’t work that way. We all have to have our own.

Which means, we have to open our Bibles on our own, and read it for ourselves. We have to have our relationship with Christ apart from our parents. It has to be our own.

They can be our foundation, but they cannot be our faith. It’s important for us to have that all to ourselves.

I figured that out early on after getting married and moving out of my parents’ house. I have to find my own way.

I have to make it mine.

And now, thanks to my darling honey, my house is finally becoming that too…

All mine.