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I totally fell in love with this little girl this morning! She is simply DIVINE!

Here is the original:

And here are my fixes:

Just pretty basic fix; layer, soft light (reduced), any blemishes, and levels. Vertical crop

3574028268_a21ba1232a_b copy

#2, did more in depth editing, smoothing of her face reduced to 40%, eye pop (I don’t remember if I did it in the first one or not, if I did, I reduced it to 35-40% too)

3574028268_a21ba1232a_b copy2

# 3, did a Pioneer Woman action from her free action sets (COLORIZED). Not my favorite, just wanted to try it.

3574028268_a21ba1232a_b copy3

#4, Went vintage on this one just for fun. Then adjusted levels.

3574028268_a21ba1232a_b copy4

#5, This one I went back to the original, and used a Seventies action on it, just because it’s one of my favorites. Cropped in closer to her face. I really like this one! And I LOVE the closer crop! But then again, I’m all about that FACE and those EYES!

3574028268_a21ba1232a_b copy5

#6 Black and white using gradient map, adjusted in levels and curves. And kept the same close crop.

3574028268_a21ba1232a_b copy6

Thank you Angie and Amy for letting us do this! I think we build our editing skills when we do this. 😉 And I’m all about learning and getting better. Now to learn how Teresa did hers…I always love how she adds the borders and textures and I’m ignorant in those.

Anyway! Thanks to the Owner of this gorgeous little girl for letting us “play” with her!