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I’ve been trying to figure out a way to somehow put in words the desire God has placed in my heart. I’ve lived a “safe” life. I’m saved, I go to church faithfully. I work wherever they need me. If the doors were open, we were always there.

And that sums it up.

But in the last couple of years, I have felt God leading me OUT of my comfort zone and into something new. At first, I thought I heard “MISSIONS” and stuck my fingers in my ears…probably did the whole “I-can’t-hear-You, I-can’t-hear-You” too.

But it got louder, and it got stronger. And the harder God was calling me, and the more I drew near to God, the more I understood. At least in part….I heard “Missions Photography” and said “HUH?” Never heard of it, have no idea what You are talking about….but I’m listening. (at least I’m listening now…)

And the closest thing I could find to express what my heart has been SCREAMING was this video, it’s only 3 minutes, but it will change your life:

That is one of my biggest fears….to get to Heaven and hear, “uhh…that’s it? You held on pretty tight there….you didn’t fall OFF…but you didn’t DO anything!” (Like God is going to talk like I do LOL)

So this is where I begin to let loose of my death grip on my life, and start standing up. There may be a flip or two, or maybe just a little bit of walking around, but I’m UP! And if I fall…..if I stumble and completely bite it, I’ve got some pretty big Arms to fall into.

Right now, my first trip (of what I hope to be many), will be to Mexico in July.

I am a photographer and am taking prints and adding verses (or quotes).

8×10 print: $20 shipped: $27
8×10 framed print: $35 (sorry, I cannot ship framed prints at this time)

11×14 print: $25 shipped: $35
11×14 framed print: $45

I can order larger if anyone is interested. I will be adding more as I complete them.

Right now, these are the ones I have available:

Guitar Psalms

guitarpsalm57 DSC_2156 dsc_0184 dsc_1142-copy dsc_1181-copy DSC_0845

I am working on these prints:

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Feel free to email me or hit the “donate” button on my blog page to order. Please be specific. 😉

100% of the proceeds goes straight to the Mission trips.