I seem to have lost my mojo…and I don’t think it’ll be back this week either.  LOL  For some reason, my birthday pictures, are just….well…..they are just snapshots.  Nothing fancy, just pictures of my kids.

I haven’t done any fancy professional BIRTHDAY pictures yet of the adorable chubby 1 year old smashing cake on plexi-glass in front of a backdrop. 

I wish.  Anyone have a 1 year old I could borrow today?  😉

2 days before Brooklyn turned 2 (she’s 3 now…), we had the worst ice storm our city has ever seen.  So, 2 days before she turned 2, we lost power.

To most of our city.

For 4 days.  (at our house at least)

So, imagine your baby girl’s second birthday without power of any kind.  In an ice storm. With nothing. 

Yes, I cried.  Really, really hard. 

We went to WalMart the day OF her birthday (the day before they had no power and wouldn’t let us in) and I cried all over the baker lady that I had to have SOMETHING for her birthday.  I don’t want the old stuff made before the ice storm, did she have anything at all I could use.  As luck would have it, she did.  She had a dozen cupcakes she had JUST iced sitting in the back. 

And I bought them. 

And we celebrated Brooklyn’s 2nd birthday in the cold, with no power, at a table moved into the living room in front of the fireplace, our only source of heat and light. 


But that’s one birthday we will ALWAYS remember!

ETA:  I can’t BELIEVE I forgot my pet photo!  LOL


Jack, the turtle.  

Funny, how everything Chandler names is Jack…