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I wish I didn’t have to say this….I really do.

But it’s a warning out there for all of us bloggers. Especially those of us that put photos on our blogs.

I knew that my blog would pop up whenever anyone searched for a certain topic, especially one I’ve tagged. But then I started noticing that the searches were becoming more and more perverse. There have been quite a few searches for a certain word (“b l o w”) and not in the context that MY blog would be using it. At first I thought it was kind of funny. Someone searching for a s ex ual tu rn on, and they get one of my blog posts about being blown away by the power of the Almighty Maker and Creator.

But then, I noticed the search for “P* E* E” coming up quite frequently. And usually the searches would include the words “g i r l / c h i l d / p e e”. (I had to space them, and add characters to hopefully keep the undesirables from searching for those words and finding MY blog. Again.)

I know…..I was mortified too. And seriously sickened. And angry. 😡


Our world is NOT safe anymore for our children. It is NOT safe anymore for the innocent.

With WordPress, if someone clicks on a link and gets to MY blog, I know the link. So if I see one I’m NOT familiar with, I check it out. I wasn’t familiar with this search engine, and the safesearch is NOT on, obviously….and let me just say, I was disgusted. And angry. And there amongst the dirty and disgusting pictures were pictures of other innocent children posted on blogs, my own beautiful daughter included.

The post that I inadvertantly mentioned yellow-liquid, was totally innocent, but it brought sick and disgusting people to my blog. I am outraged and feel so stupid. I unknowingly brought pe dop hil es, per ver ts, and possible child pre dat ors to my blog about my family.

So, this is my WARNING to fellow bloggers: please please please please be cautious of certain topics and words that you use on your blogs. Use spaces or characters, or choose other words to use. It’s happening, and it’s scary.

It’s up to US to protect our families, so let this be a warning.

(All posts referring to this subject have been updated and CHANGED to prevent it from happening again.)

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