I’m stealing Heidi’s idea. It just fits today.

I can parent a house of 10 children. Effectively.

I can babysit 6 kids other than my own everyday.

I can move my scalp without the use of my hands. (I’m a freak-show, baby)

I can feed my family of 5 and 6 babysitting kids on about a $100 a week (not by CHOICE, but I do what I have to.)

I can spot and treat lice like no one’s business. (Not in my own house, thank goodness, but I’ve done it for schools. I am the Lice Queen. Bow at my Impressiveness.)

I can listen to Matt Chandler sermons on my MP3 while mopping my floor.

I can sew. I can paint. I can photograph. I can draw. I can sing.

I can do minor repairs on household stuff.

I can edit almost any photo.

I have learned exposure, apeture, the definition of bokeh.

I can do hair like a pro. (Except my own. 😉 )

I can rip ears off, pop eyes out of their sockets, and get out of a choke hold.

I can teach a classroom of 15 2 year olds or a class of 20 3 year olds.

I can hang with teenagers.

But, for the LIFE of me…..


They are always SOGGY and gross! Even if I follow the directions TO.THE.LETTER.

And I so love them. Totally adore them.

Look at these….my mouth is WATERING right now…

Oh this is just WRONG…

Jesus, help me, for I am WEAK….