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Remember my entry for the iHeartfaces blurb book?

I entered THIS photo?


Well…..it just so happens…..

I WON!!!!!

Not first place, and that’s alright, there were LOTS and LOTS of entries! But I was one of the 20 chosen to be PUBLISHED IN A BOOK!!!! How flippin exciting is that?? And this is not one of those “Send-us-your-photo-and-$75-and-you’ll-be-“published”-in-a-book”, this is for REAL! WOOHOO!!

Don’t believe me? Check THIS out! Under PROFESSIONALS, and mine is the FIRST name given after the 1st place winner is announced! 😉 I’m LEGIT baby! LOL

How come all I can think of is Kramer’s coffee table book? Ya know, that’s a coffee table? Went on Regis and Kathy Lee to show it off? BAHahahahahahaha! I need to get me a plaid suit jacket…

Anyway, I’m excited and honored and a lot shocked! LOL

I’d like to think God Almighty for the talent to do this….my Mom for believing in me……Mike for supporting me….. 😉 I’m just kidding, I’m not giving a speech. 😉

OK, maybe in my own head I am…..I don’t get out much, alright?