In honor of Father’s Day yesterday, this weeks’ theme is “Let’s hear it for the boys”, totally MALE entries! YAY!!

So, this week, I’m entering a photo of my sweet, dear husband….PLOTTING something with my equally sweet, dear sons….I’m not altogether sure what they were discussing, I only know it was ALL male oriented, and something I’d be shaking my head over. 😉 I know them all very well. And who knows what took place after this photo was taken. LOL I shudder to think…


A few weeks’ ago, I was honored to do baby portraits for a friend of my husband. They both do MMA-style karate, and both tough as nails, so to have that contrast of tough, rugged male, partnered with precious, innocent, soft baby….I had a BLAST!

So I chose this photograph of father and new son.

DSC_2676 WEB