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Several years ago, at the church we previously attended, my friend and I saw a huge need for our church and decided to fill it. We didn’t go through the “committees” or ask everyone, or even start a committee discussing the problem and possible solution, we just did it. (After we discussed it with the pastor, so someone would be there to unlock the doors for us during the week.)

Our church was relatively small, and could only afford a part-time janitor who came up once a week to clean the church. The church was small, however, it still had 200-250 people going through it several times a week and needed more of a clean than a part-time janitor provided.

So, 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, as soon as our older children were in school, we arrived at the church to clean. We stripped and scrubbed down beds in the nursery, and sanitized all the toys. We cleaned preschool and children’s departments rooms, washing the tables, peeling off glue, vacuuming glitter off the floors. We straightened up offices of the staff. Organized storage closets. Washed dishes left in the kitchen and mopped the floor. We cleaned 5 different bathrooms, mopped the floors, and scrubbed sinks and counters, and encountered more than one toilet I cringe to think about.

And once a month, we set about the task of scrubbing down the beautiful wooden pews til they shone. Normally, this job was only done once a year because of the magnitude of it, but we managed, just the 2 of us Moms, to do it once a month.

And before major parties or weddings and funerals, we would sneak up the day before and do an extra good clean so it would be especially nice.


…no one knew we did it but the pastor and his secretary.

We did this for 9 months straight because it was needed. We did it even through our personal struggles in the church. We even continued to do it even when we heard others taking credit for it. We continued it as a service to our Lord.

No pay.

No credit.

That’s not easy to do sometimes. Sometimes it’s just plain hard. But the need was there and we could fill it. I’m not even sure they know to this day what happened in those months….the little church elves came at midnight and cleaned, who knows what they thought.

God used 2 Moms who were blessed to be home to do something good for someone else. In this case, it was a lot of someone elses.

And tomorrow in Sunday School we are talking about Elisha and the Shunammite Woman. (It helps that I’ve read this in the last week on my own. LOL) Elisha came several times during the year to preach to her town, and she saw that he had a need of a place to stay. So her and her husband built a room for Elisha to stay in whenever he needed it. Elisha, had nothing in return he could offer her, but that wasn’t her intent. She saw a need and she filled it.

God, knowing her deepest desire for a child, granted her wish, and I believe, because of her kindness showed to Elisha. God blessed her.

It’s one thing to be nice to someone who can better your career, pay you back, or move you up the social ladder. But it’s an entirely different thing to show kindness to those that will never pay you back. Those that cannot prosper you in any way. And sometimes, it’s just difficult when it’s a sacrifice for you personally.

(I have to say, I think this lesson was a little chuckle on the part of God for timing this at this particular time…..I never have a problem helping others, but there are times, I need help in return, and I’m struggling with that right now. God does have a sense of humor.)

So go show some kindness to someone who won’t expect it, may need it but doesn’t know how to ask, or just do it because God tells you.

Have a good weekend!

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