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This week, iHeartfaces asked that we share our patriotism and what it means to us.

I feel blessed to live in the United States. There are so many places outside of the US, I’d love to see, love to experience. I’ve only actually been outside of my country one time on a small day cruise almost 12 years ago to the Bahamas, so my experience with other countries is non-existant. But, I enjoy living here, in my mid-west state.

What I find most patriotic are these men that fought in the past or are fighting currently to maintain our freedom.

My Grandad that I am so very proud of that fought in the 2nd World War, landing with the 17th Cavalry Squadron on Utah Beach, Normandy, France on the 7th or 8th of June, 1944 as part of General George Patton’s Third Army serving under Colonel Reybold. On August 9, 1944, he was wounded in action near Morlaix, France where he caught a German grenade in the full truck of soldiers he was climbing into. He threw it back. In exploding, he was hit with shrapnel, but not seriously injured. My Grandfather saw firsthand the atrocities of the prison camps from the Holocaust, and to this day is moved to tears over it.

This man….I am terribly proud of:

Not my photo, full credit goes to my cousin, Ashley

Not my photo, full credit goes to my cousin, Ashley

This man, I am terribly proud of, my Dad:


Fought in the Vietnam War in the Navy.

This man, I’ve known this young man since he was 13 years old, now, in the Army, stationed somewhere in I*R*A*Q. Thank you, Joe.

Not my photo

Not my photo

This is patriotism at its finest, and I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Thank you to all the soldiers, past, present, future, male or female, who fight to make this country great.