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Chandler’s done it. He’s broken the football/basketball mold and branched out on his own. He’s found something entirely his OWN.


And looking at the size of his FEET…they are roughly the size of scuba fins…it figures. And…..he’s REALLY good! He’s not just found a sport all his OWN, but he’s actually chosen well!

He’s the newest member of his swim team, and there isn’t anyone in his age division that is new as well, so he has to compete against more experienced swimmers who have been doing this for several seasons. This is good and not so good all at the same time.

Good: he gains massive experience himself. He’s competing against better swimmers, making him work harder to keep up.

Bad: he’s not first. By timing, in his category and age division, he’s first….but he’s also the only one. But he swims with more experienced swimmers, so he isn’t first….he can definitely keep up and hold his own, but he’s never first. That can be hard on an almost 11 year old’s self-esteem.

But so far, he’s loving it and he doesn’t seem to care that he isn’t the first one to the wall. And he’s so handsome….

We may have to teach him, though, that he can’t sell tickets to the gun show til he has some guns to show…. 😉 Somehow I don’t think his confidence is wavering any….

I mean, really, look at that face…

But there are definite differences showing up in our 2 boys now. Austin has always been more serious (though still fun, he’s not the entertainer that Chandler seems to be) and taken after Mike more in disposition, dry sense of humor/witty sarcasm, and love of football and basketball. Where Chandler has always been the laid back, easy spirit, goofball.

It’s exciting and sad all at the same time to watch them grow. My little boys have been replaced by older boys….fast approaching my height….and eating me out of house and home! They are growing up and as Austin likes to remind me “will be driving in 2 years” or “in 1 year, you’ll have 2 teenagers in the Youth dept”. I don’t think I can stand it. I miss the younger years, it had it’s challenges, but I knew they’d be with me a long time. Now, the time with Austin is quickly diminishing to years on one hand…

OK, I’m gettin’ all sad….let’s look at a pretty picture….

…and might I add….a FANTASTIC shot! I was so pleased to have captured it! LOL

I think I’ll use that one for next week’s competition even though I can no longer enter the contest…I can still post a PICTURE!

And I’ll enjoy Chandler’s new found sport, and his love for it. And I’ll help to foster his self-esteem if the time ever arises.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for my handsome sons….