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I know you’ve been waiting on the EDGE OF YOUR SEATS for more recipes from Heidi’s fun blog…you all know how DEARLY I love to cook, and the enjoyment…pleasure…..{cough cough} ahem….OK, yeah, I don’t, but this is KIDS cooking. Important feature. SLAVE labor…..THAT I like. So on to Recipe #2 that we tried.

Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Fruit Salad from a personal friend of mine I’ve known for a few years. This will not give her any favors. 😉 Stacy is a DOLL, a sweet, sweet lady with beautiful kids, I’m honored to know her. But I am impartial in my judging of food. Sad truth about me. Now you know.

Bread, two slices
Chedder cheese (or whatever cheese you like) I used cheap-o sliced cheese for the kids and cheddar and mozzarella for the Big kids.
Marinara sauce I used Ragu’s Pizza sauce because it doesn’t get the bread all soggy. I don’t like soggy bread. Yuck.

(I’m all about simple recipes with simple ingredients.)

I divided up the bread to be buttered so my boys would not argue over one having to butter more bread than the other. I’m also, all about saving myself from the possibility of senseless arguments. Can I also just add, I’m so glad this was for KIDS to make because I seriously hate to make grilled cheese….all that buttering of bread….just gives me the shivers. Heh.

After they buttered their bread, they slapped them on the griddle (only piece of really cool cooking equipment I have. Yes, I know…truly, deeply sad.). I love that griddle….capable of cooking up to 6 of those puppies at one time. While they were on the griddle, they spooned on the sauce and put on the pepperoni and cheese. They each had their turn of making 6. Again, no fighting. 😉

Look at that yummy….

The kids enjoyed them! WARNING: sauce and insides will be HOT. Please make sure they are cooled down before serving them to unsuspecting children. ahem. Not that I would do that. Pshaw….really now, I’m a trained professional….

Burned taste buds did NOT keep him from scarfing the entire thing down and having more either.

(also, PLEASE excuse the ghetto box fan behind them. It is HOT here, seriously, over 100 and those bad boys can move some SERIOUS air! LOL Don’t judge. 😉 )

A little variation from ME, I knew the younger ones would NOT eat pepperoni, so instead, I used ham for theirs. Good alternative for those who have milder stomachs.

And if you haven’t started yet…..check out Heidi’s recipe entries! It even makes horrid cooks like me look GOOD! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!