I have started a more purposeful prayer time and I am finding myself more focused and in tune. I have my prayer journal, or what passes for a prayer journal until I can find something cutesy and girlie….complete with sparkles or glitter….and totally pink….wait, that’s not the purpose of my prayer journal, maybe my little mead spiral is all I need….

Finished up Romans today. I’m a little ahead, but I just feel this need to continue my reading long after the day has been concluded. Hunger for God’s Word? Yep…. Thirst for time alone with God? Definitely….

Yesterday, Austin came to me after my prayer time and asked me to include him in my prayers.

Awwwww….how sweet…..

…..he wants me to pray for tallness.

Wait….what? Tallness? You want me to pray for tallness? You know, there’s this thing called PRAYER….you don’t have to have a class on it, you don’t have to pass this test to do it, you don’t even have to ask permission to do it….even people in scary places where prayer to God is outlawed, pray. I’m not a genie, I don’t have a hotline to God, He doesn’t answer my prayers first over yours because I’m older more experienced {ahem}.

Here….I’ll even pull up a chair and we can do it TOGETHER….

Father God…..tallness…..