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Sometimes in life, we are given opportunities to lay ourselves aside…our own selfish desires, our own agendas, our own plans…and we get to do something INCREDIBLE.

Saturday morning was one such day for my family.

Our church… Eastwood Baptist Church, in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a little different from your normal, run of the mill church. I’ve been to a few churches, and I see how other churches can work. (Emphasis on “can”, not all churches are like this and I am aware of this. 😉 ) There are political games of trying to fit in with the right crowd, but never quite succeeding, and in your attempts, you find yourself doing more than your fair share of nursery/clean up/bring-this-food/will-you-do-this duty, but you never actually move up that social/political ladder. The “power is everything” churches. The “money is everything” churches. The “socio-economic status is everything” churches. I have seen it all…..none of them are actually interested in your spiritual status at all….they want your money/energy/warm body/etc, but that’s about it, don’t call us/we’ll call you….

Gives Christians AND churches a really bad name.

And then we have MY church. It has gone through it’s fair share of transitions, and I am continuously amazed by it.

All of THAT to share this:

all photos are copyright protected.

all photos are copyright protected.

(Not the official photo for it, although, I think it could definitely work!)

Our church (not even sure who’s brilliant idea it was) has a monthly activity called “Hands and Feet”, or as I so lovingly put it “Mani-Pedi”.

Oh come on…..that’s FUNNY! I’m downright HILARIOUS!

{ahem.} Anyway…

The Youth gather together one Saturday a month to do some kind of service project for our elderly church family. The work could be as little as weeding a garden, or more in depth like cleaning gutters or painting a shed. This last Saturday, we had quite a few projects going on, but this is the one that our family did (and since I was actually doing the work too, why the other projects in Tulsa were not photographed. I shoot where I’m at. LOL).

The particular couple we worked for, are in their 70s and active in the church as well, but when it comes to things like painting a good-sized shed, this is stuff they shouldn’t be doing.

copyrighted photo

copyrighted photo

So this is where our family came in.

And even though, technically, our only teenager we have is Austin, we do most things together as a family. So, we all participated.

Even Brooklyn:

The work was tiring, tedious at times, but God was kind to us and dropped the temperature down from the 100s where it has been for weeks, to the low 90s. And we were very pleased with that.

It was one of those times that the work didn’t really seem so much like work. We laughed, we talked, we had chips and cookies….and we got to know another couple at church. Yes, considerably older than ourselves, and the sweetest people….ones we have promised to visit more often.

See? Our church is different. It not only cares about where we sit spiritually, they care about us as people. They encourage us to memorize scripture, read our Bibles daily, and pray together. We have intercessory prayer during all the services. We have “fishing” trips where we go and share Christ with people in the city. We have several mission opportunities out of the country. And we are encouraged to love and support our church family.

You can’t beat that.

So if I had to miss my ONLY day to sleep in, that’s alright.

If we ruined some clothes with paint…that’s alright too.

We were a family and we were given an opportunity to help someone else.

And that was worth it.