OK, so Monday, the mission team were all leaving for Mexico….remember? The one I was supposed to be going on? And the whole bummed, I missed it…..this wasn’t the trip for me….blah blah blah….

So, Monday, I’m in the shower (don’t hate, it’s one of the few times I’m alone) and I’m praying for the mission trip (so many weird/odd things to this whole sentence….) but I’m praying for safety, open hearts, success, etc etc, and I suddenly have this THOUGHT:

What IF God DID want me on this mission trip and I backed out because of my FEAR???

Plausible. I am afraid of lots of stuff, failure being only one.

So I continued my prayer with “Lord, I’m so sorry if I messed up, if I failed again….”

I get dressed, go out into the living room to read my Bible and my son’s phone rings indicating a message. I check it (yes, I check it….I’m a nosey Mom) Message is from Hannah who says their FLIGHT HAS BEEN CANCELLED, they are still HERE!

Yes, that really happened!

So I call and find out that apparently there was this HUGE storm where they were supposed to be landing and they may not even be able to get out til WEDNESDAY! What??

So I call Jeff (Youth minister, one of the ones heading up the trip) and he said if I had still been going, it would have been a NIGHTMARE for me because of my job! Everyone going had a flexible enough schedule that they could wing it, I on the other hand had ZERO flexibility in my schedule and it would have been a DISASTER!



How MIND-BLOWING is that?

I’m not a failure. I didn’t mess up. I’m good.


I AM very sorry the mission trip had so many problems starting out. Really. But I gotta say a big ol’ YEHAWWWW for God giving me just a little pat on the head and comfort to know I’m not a total screw up.



Sometimes the pictures aren’t always pretty either. HAHAHA!