I had an interesting weekend to say the least. One of those weekends that leave almost a hangover effect the following days.

I was asked if I was interested in doing worship photos for a friend of ours at church that has started a ministry. Of course. Hands down, you tell me where and I’m there. It’s in a town about 2 hours south of us.

What I didn’t plan on was everything happening between the time of him asking, and the time of us actually leaving.

-Computer monitor broken by my lovely boys, so whatever photos I take, may nor may NOT be able to be edited.

-Unexpected expenses coming up and money I had saved for gas to get down there was quickly swallowed up.

So, early Sunday morning, I had to call Michael and let him know I would be unable to come that night, I just couldn’t work it out to get down there. (Seriously, between all of our savings and all of our checking accounts, we had a total of $20.40. Period. Not enough for gas and food for the family on the way back.)

I was totally bummed.

On the way to church, my phone rings and it’s Michael. “Dana, you’re supposed to be here. God told me last night to give you $100 bill and it’s sitting right here in my pocket waiting for you. Will that help?”

It was a good thing I was not driving because I couldn’t have seen through the water my eyes were suddenly producing in mass quantities.

Not only that, but after it was over, the pastor bought us dinner. 🙂

Do you have a second more?

On the way down there, a young man from church we used to teach in the Youth, tagged along, and we chatted and talked for the entire 2 hours. I happened to mention how I wish I was totally unhindered by anything HERE, to be able to go to either start an orphanage somewhere, or support an orphanage somewhere. If God called me, I’d go in a heartbeat, pick up my family and move. (Those are HUGE words for me to say….) But, we have bills here, we have a small amount of debt here that would still exist even if we left.

Conversation moves on.

During the service there, while Michael was preaching, very clearly as if God was standing in front of me, I hear:

If you sell your house, that pays off all your debt.

I actually looked around to see if anyone else heard it.

I don’t know what to do with that knowledge. I don’t think God is expecting this of us right now, or if at all, but it was something planted. And I know plain as day what I heard. Specifically those words.

Almost as if to say, “If I call you, the way will be made. Don’t doubt.”

DSC_4956 copy

DSC_4947 copy

And, if my photography sessions I’ve already done, will order good-sized orders, than I think I may have the money for a NEW computer! WOOHOO!!! (not a big deal one, but NEW none-the-less!)