Photos from the crusade over the weekend:

Probably my favorite. I loved the men sitting out front, shootin’ the breeze, just off in the distance, another older couple coming in to church. Just a classic, beautiful image

This photo, as a Mom, tugged at my heart. Written by a young man excited for the coming crusade, seen in the exclamation mark at the end of the word. It’s almost as if he was foretelling the coming of Christ Himself through this crusade. What you cannot tell from the photo, it was hung about knee high on an adult, so the perspective is from a child’s view.

I loved this woman’s hands.

I love this photo. It shows a deep concentration, a deep focus on the task at hand. You could see a man in close communication with God Almighty just by his posture.

These little old ladies were simply precious! They made me miss my Grandmothers long gone to Heaven. I loved their expression of worship. You could see their total trust and their faith written on their faces.

I LOVED this! The contrast of sweet innocence next to an older, rougher looking biker was incredible. But their prayers and their faith were in unison. I love photos of young children in prayer!

I loved the perspective of this photo and the next. It’s not taken with the speaker in focus, it’s taken from the LISTENER’S point of view. The Listener is the one the Word is falling on.

This one was just a bit different for me. I loved seeing this young man we have known since he was 12, deep in prayer with adult heaviness weighing him down. It wasn’t a Youth deep in prayer, it was a man grown in spiritual maturity that spoke to my heart. He is no longer a child and the heaviness of this photo depicted that. I am proud to be his 2nd Momma.

This was just for fun, the tree outside their church.

Oh yes….I definitely want to pursue worship photography….